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Scatterbrained remarks about The Grammys

*Doesn’t Justin Timberlake owe Al Green money? He should be paying Al Green royalties.

*Can we get Duffy and Al Green to actually record Bridge over troubled Water?

*Either Whitney is still on that ish…or she did a LOT of that ish before and its still wreaking havoc on her brain. That said…she looks about as healthy as I’ve seen her in a MINUTE.

*Is it safe to say that the only way dude got close enough to Jennifer Hudson to potentially wife

her is because he was on I Love NY before? At the risk of minding folk’s business I am inclined to hope he runs into either Al Reynolds or Jonathan Plummer BEFORE the ceremony and not after.

*I don’t ever want to hear ANYONE sing Sweet Home Alabama, especially not a former Rapper.

*Putting aside for a moment that the Jonas Brothers are woefully inadequate live performers, it is patently incorrect to say that Stevie Wonder backed them up. They backed Stevie Wonder up.

*I am about as bored by this performance as I can be by a bunch of women dancing around giant fruit.

*Kanye West has TEN grammys already?

*It’s a good thing my wife is pregnant. It makes holding this irrational Torch for Estelle much easier to bear.

*Adele bears a striking resemblance to the John Travolta character in Hairspray.

*I don’t know who is getting older faster, Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington. Miss Daisy’s driver, you are too damn old to be pulling stunts like you just pulled. Sityoass down somewhere, please.

*Didn’t Natalie Cole say something rather unfortunate rather recently?

*Is MIA pregnant?

*Why do I feel compelled to DVR CSI: Miami just to see if Puffy has gotten any better as an actor?

*Getting these four cats to tour together could End the Recession.

*Its always funny to see how Kanye works REALLY hard on verses he has with Rappers he views as lyrically superior.

*Why didn’t they put MIA in a Gown to match up with the rest of the damn set? That said, props to her for taking time out from her scheduled labor inducement to lend authenticity to the hook, I think.

*Why is Wayne’s verse more intelligible LIVE than in the recording?

*This is probably the only way MIA’s child is ever going to get on the Grammy Stage.

*The ONLY reason I didn’t FF through Sir Paul is because he opened with a Beatles’ song.

*Random related Sidebar: Apparently Steelers RB Willie Parker hadn’t heard of Bruce Springsteen until the Super Bowl. This is completely plausible. Willie is 10 yrs younger than I am and I remember Bruce Springsteen when I was 14. Willie was 4 then. It ain’t Bruce has been hot in the Streets SINCE then.

*Jay Mohr is fat. That is all.

*There is a certain giddiness that sets in when I see a full marching band drumline backing up a rock band. Thank you Radiohead.

*Um…Looks like Samuel L. Jackson wants to get in on that rapidly aging Black man race too.

*I would like to reiterate (again) that all rappers MUST be backed by live bands in order to be taken seriously by the author.

*Would TI have grown up so quickly if he hadn’t caught that case? Makes you wonder.

*Adversity builds Character. Character will take you places that money can’t. Why isn’t stuff like THIS played on Black radio every 8 minutes. Instead we get. “Whatever you Like”

*The President of the Grammys annoys me as he has for the last 4 years or so. At least he isn’t bitching about downloading music this year.

*I support a Cabinet level position of Secretary of the Arts.

*Jamie Foxx is a HUGE fool (in a good way, mostly) but when he isn’t dropping random watered down pop music for Black women, he is an incredible musical talent.

*Neil Diamond, everybody. Yay.

*There is a Vibe Magazine sitting on the floor of my car ONLY because I keep meaning to read the article about Static Major.

*There is a certain irony in having Gary Sinese intro Lil Wayne when Gary and Former President George W. Bush are purty tight.

* I do appreciate Wayne leaving aside the Styrofoam cup for tonight and I am still astounded at how much more intelligible Wayne is live than he is in recordings.

*And I am officially going to stop posting and dance with my dog throughout the living room.

* and yes, Wayne is as much of a descendant of the NO music scene as anyone with the last name Marsalis, even as it pains me to say so.

*And now for the yearly appearance of the Lil Wayne Family.

* Ima go ahead and add Robert Plant and Allison Krauss to my list of stuff I should appreciate, but don’t.

*Do people who don’t listen to rap understand what rappers say when they perform live?



Thanks for coming by. See ya for the Oscars.




On: Leaving the Hens to guard their own house

So, NY Oil has come out and endorsed The Green Party Ticket.

I ain’t mad at NYO.  If he feels that strongly about his vote, by all means, he should put his ballot where his inalienable right is.

What troubles me about his lil monologue is that it totally misunderstands the context and the power of government.

NYO is miffed because Obama advocates a measured and non-confrontational approach to issues such as the Sean Bell verdict.

Uh….Barack Obama  is looking to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of these United States.  The notion that he should be some sort of Political Gadfly in ADDITION to said Chief Law Enforcement Officer is indicative of a humongous problem I have always had with the Hyper-Progressive movement.

This notion that the president be some kind of crusading activist in chief is part of the reason I find myself, for all my personal nationalist bluster, settling in as a hard core political moderate who wants his government to be competent and allow the activists to speak the appropriate truth and move the government’s core competence to activate that in the national interest.

Now for the analogy:

If you have a hen house, not only do you not want to put a fox in charge of securing it, you don’t want to put a HEN in charge of it, either.  You put a Rooster in charge of it.


How about we step back from any potential gender manhole I could be wandering into by allowing me to assert that I am talking specifically about HENS as Female Chickens and not as some kind of stand in for some random Patriarchalness.  If you KNOW me then you know I don’t get down like that…If you DON’T Know me then now you know.


What’s wrong with having a hen guard your hen house from Foxes?

They are HENS.  Hens lay eggs and raise chicks…Their role is not to protect anyone from anything.

Foxes?  well their role is to wreak havoc and destroy the hen house.  Certainly can’t have THEM protecting the hen house.

That leaves the good ole roosters.

Roosters purpose is to create eggs and protect the hen house.  They aren’t much for nurturing or caring for the hens…they exist to maintain the delicate balance.  Help the hens do their thing and KIM.

In this rather tortured and free alcohol powered analogy, Folk like NY Oil, Rosa Clemente and to a lesser extent, Cynthia McKinney, are hens.  Their role in life is to nurture and activate (torturous verb alert) for a better society.  They lay the eggs of ideas and concepts and nurture them to fruition.  they maintain the hen house.

Folk like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are Roosters, interested in furthering the viability of the hen house, protecting it from without and within.  The fact that he would advocate peace and patience in the face of injustice is just what certifies him as a Rooster.  I would expect nothing less.

Your Bushes, McCains, Cheneys, and…looks around…Bob Johnsons of the world are Foxes; those who, in the name of protecting the hen house, exploit it and drain it of its resources for their own selfish purposes.

We need to let the roosters be the roosters and let the  hens be the hens.  Let the hens lay the eggs of progress and nurture them, and allow the Roosters to let those Eggs grow to be the Roosters and hens of Tomorrow.

Well, Now that everyone knows.

Can’t say I didn’t see THIS coming.

And for the record…I SOOOOOO wanted to post the song as soon as I downloaded it. (Monday Morning at 9:15 CT cause that’s how I roll) But I KNEW that as much as I liked the song, nothing good could come of it.

And JUUUUST like clock work, I stumble upon Ben Effing Stein talking about Ludacris 36 hours later.

Ahhh Shit.

I spend a day decorating my sons’ room and as soon as I put them in their new Superman adorned beds, I come downstairs to see Ben Effin Stein analyzing the lyrics of Chris Bridges.

For those of you not quite engaged in the process….THIS is how it works.

1. Someone “unacceptable” endorses Obama

2. Those who do not support Obama proceed to defecate Masonry.

3. Obama Apologizes for the delicate sensibilities of people who don’t know or care about the unacceptable person and proceeds to condemn that about the unacceptable person that Obama finds objectionable.

4. Those who support the unacceptable person take offense of some sort

5. Those who support Obama smack around the unacceptable person for putting Obama in a bad spot.

6. The unacceptable person apologizes as best they can muster and goes back to not really being relevant to the campaign at all.

7. Those who oppose Obama attempt to milk all the negativity they can by demonizing the unacceptable person and attempting to add him/her to the growing roster of nefarious creatures associated with the mysterious colored man.

8. The sun sets, the Dogs resume biting men and the bears continue to shit in the woods.

I mean, I could go into the whole thing about Ludacris speaking for Ludacris and not for the campaign…but everyone has already decided it is much more fun to play like this actually matters…so Ima go back to listening to the mixtape now that the kids are in the bed.

For those of you that care…luda still goes in with the best of them.

Go DJ, That’s my DJ

I am taking this opportunity to heap praise and salutations to the OFFICIAL DJ of this website….DJ Diva the Mixtress of R&B who has elevated her Podcast game over the past several months.

WIth her permission, I am going to post up her latest masterpiece.  The early Millenium mix

She rolls with a heavy Music Crew and they will keep you in the know.  I know I am.

Now if I can only get her Husband to stop hoein for the man bringing home the bacon long enough to get his gift in gear….(yeah, I said it.)

Even though we are all supposed to be boycotting Mr. Kelly…She did her thing last week with the King of the Mixtape

Click on the nassy bastard for the link