On: Leaving the Hens to guard their own house

So, NY Oil has come out and endorsed The Green Party Ticket.

I ain’t mad at NYO.  If he feels that strongly about his vote, by all means, he should put his ballot where his inalienable right is.

What troubles me about his lil monologue is that it totally misunderstands the context and the power of government.

NYO is miffed because Obama advocates a measured and non-confrontational approach to issues such as the Sean Bell verdict.

Uh….Barack Obama  is looking to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of these United States.  The notion that he should be some sort of Political Gadfly in ADDITION to said Chief Law Enforcement Officer is indicative of a humongous problem I have always had with the Hyper-Progressive movement.

This notion that the president be some kind of crusading activist in chief is part of the reason I find myself, for all my personal nationalist bluster, settling in as a hard core political moderate who wants his government to be competent and allow the activists to speak the appropriate truth and move the government’s core competence to activate that in the national interest.

Now for the analogy:

If you have a hen house, not only do you not want to put a fox in charge of securing it, you don’t want to put a HEN in charge of it, either.  You put a Rooster in charge of it.


How about we step back from any potential gender manhole I could be wandering into by allowing me to assert that I am talking specifically about HENS as Female Chickens and not as some kind of stand in for some random Patriarchalness.  If you KNOW me then you know I don’t get down like that…If you DON’T Know me then now you know.


What’s wrong with having a hen guard your hen house from Foxes?

They are HENS.  Hens lay eggs and raise chicks…Their role is not to protect anyone from anything.

Foxes?  well their role is to wreak havoc and destroy the hen house.  Certainly can’t have THEM protecting the hen house.

That leaves the good ole roosters.

Roosters purpose is to create eggs and protect the hen house.  They aren’t much for nurturing or caring for the hens…they exist to maintain the delicate balance.  Help the hens do their thing and KIM.

In this rather tortured and free alcohol powered analogy, Folk like NY Oil, Rosa Clemente and to a lesser extent, Cynthia McKinney, are hens.  Their role in life is to nurture and activate (torturous verb alert) for a better society.  They lay the eggs of ideas and concepts and nurture them to fruition.  they maintain the hen house.

Folk like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are Roosters, interested in furthering the viability of the hen house, protecting it from without and within.  The fact that he would advocate peace and patience in the face of injustice is just what certifies him as a Rooster.  I would expect nothing less.

Your Bushes, McCains, Cheneys, and…looks around…Bob Johnsons of the world are Foxes; those who, in the name of protecting the hen house, exploit it and drain it of its resources for their own selfish purposes.

We need to let the roosters be the roosters and let the  hens be the hens.  Let the hens lay the eggs of progress and nurture them, and allow the Roosters to let those Eggs grow to be the Roosters and hens of Tomorrow.



  1. Big Man

    I liked this analogy man. That was a real simple way to break things down, although Obama is more like the farmer, while Bill Clinton is like the rooster. Cause Bill is trying to fuck everything moving.

  2. Freeman P

    I agree with the analogy but I agree there is one more person missing and that is the Farmer. While everyone is running around thinking they are doing something it is all for the benefit of the great maintainer of the world. Now I am not talking about God I am talking about the real people who run the country. But that’s another story for another time. Enjoy the Hee Haw show!

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