Move the Crowd

How could I move the crowd
First of all, ain’t no mistakes allowed
Here’s the instruction, put it together
It simple ain’t it but quite clever
Some of you been trying to write rhymes for years
But weak ideas irritate my ears
Is this the best that you can make?
Cuz if not and you got more, I’ll wait – (W. Griffin, Jr., 1987)

Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t.  – (S. Carter, 2004)

When I see the crowds, I realize just what enrages the Clinton Diehards so much.  You cannot see a movement like that and not be inclined to jump on the bandwagon.

Unless the movement in question is running you over.

One comment

  1. Jonzee

    Yeah, last night I had an ephiphany about my Mom and her disdain for Obama–a man she admired until he ran for the office she wants.
    (you can check out Ma dukes comments to my George Wallace post)

    My mother and her generation of women fought all the “honeys” “babys” “get us some coffee” lines and attitudes of men in professional life to get this far. I think they feel like its about time. But I think what has happened is that alot of women who vehemently support her have become embittered by the struggle. I think Hillary is a shining example over the bitterness that has grown out of that.

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