Who I am. Who I am not.

Who I am:

I am version 2.0 of the DP edition of one of God’s finest creations, the Black man.  My father was a visionary, a man ahead of his time but constrained by his own decision making.

I am a man of the times, custom made for the information age, but  tyrannized and oppressed by a mind too busy to slowdown and stick to the script.

I can only hope that my sons meet a better fate.  So far, so good.

Who I am not:

I am not any other Black man you know.  I may remind you of ________ or _________, but stick around and you will see, I ain’t him.

Despite all attempts to quantify us and fit us into neat marketing categories, we are like snowflakes.

we all look the same, but closer inspection will bring forth the unique beauty in each one of us.



  1. Diana

    I ran across your site by accident, and ok, I’m an ol’ white woman born in the south before the rise of the civil rights movement. I’ve spent some years trying to put horrors that existed then and that I personally witnessed, into some kind of peaceful place and all I did was see that stuff from the outside—from the safety of ‘it’s happening to somebody else’. So, please, pay attention to me for a minute, just in case you don’t believe your eyes when you watch McCain ‘debating’ Obama: John McCain represents the worst kind of racist. I know this. I grew up with these kinds of people. Women, animals, black people (well, we know what word they used, don’t we?) and any other thing that didn’t conform to what the white male bastids laid down as “The Law” Hmm. If I had a hammer, it would be a gun. But that’s another dead revolution, ain’t it? And, yeah, white folks are scared to death that they’ll have to pay for what their granddaddy did to your granddaddy, but it ain’t gonna be that way this time—it’s gonna be the POOR of any and all colors who become the utile trash of the rich. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think I am.
    Excerpts http://www.fancyrage.blogspot.com
    John McCain is, without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, the epitome of an old style Southern racist: a white man who will not now or ever look a black man in the eye.
    To do so is to recognize that black man’s humanity; that black man’s right to exist; that black man’s right to be in the Senate of the United States of America; that black man’s right to be the most popular candidate for the Presidency of The United States of America since John Fitzgerald Kennedy because We, the People love him.

  2. evans

    go to thetalentedmasses.com and check out this article: Identity, Race, Racism, Labels & Shortcuts: Hopefully Not a Remake of the Same Song, But a Somewhat Familiar, Yet Still Engaging, New Tune

  3. Ricardo

    We thought this would give good material to discuss and find out the truth of all times it has been broadcast on our US airwaves. Sadly, RACISM is alive and well on our shores of America, en Espanol. We could not believe our eyes/ears watching this on Spanish TV, so got it taped and translate/subtitled for Mainstream USA to notice what slides by on our own foreign-language media. WARNING: The jokes are offensive to most all races, except perhaps whatever you call Mexicans. Immigrants to this country get this catered to them, which is very shameful.
    On Google-YouTube, search for TELMEXUVISION

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