Well, Now that everyone knows.

Can’t say I didn’t see THIS coming.

And for the record…I SOOOOOO wanted to post the song as soon as I downloaded it. (Monday Morning at 9:15 CT cause that’s how I roll) But I KNEW that as much as I liked the song, nothing good could come of it.

And JUUUUST like clock work, I stumble upon Ben Effing Stein talking about Ludacris 36 hours later.

Ahhh Shit.

I spend a day decorating my sons’ room and as soon as I put them in their new Superman adorned beds, I come downstairs to see Ben Effin Stein analyzing the lyrics of Chris Bridges.

For those of you not quite engaged in the process….THIS is how it works.

1. Someone “unacceptable” endorses Obama

2. Those who do not support Obama proceed to defecate Masonry.

3. Obama Apologizes for the delicate sensibilities of people who don’t know or care about the unacceptable person and proceeds to condemn that about the unacceptable person that Obama finds objectionable.

4. Those who support the unacceptable person take offense of some sort

5. Those who support Obama smack around the unacceptable person for putting Obama in a bad spot.

6. The unacceptable person apologizes as best they can muster and goes back to not really being relevant to the campaign at all.

7. Those who oppose Obama attempt to milk all the negativity they can by demonizing the unacceptable person and attempting to add him/her to the growing roster of nefarious creatures associated with the mysterious colored man.

8. The sun sets, the Dogs resume biting men and the bears continue to shit in the woods.

I mean, I could go into the whole thing about Ludacris speaking for Ludacris and not for the campaign…but everyone has already decided it is much more fun to play like this actually matters…so Ima go back to listening to the mixtape now that the kids are in the bed.

For those of you that care…luda still goes in with the best of them.


One comment

  1. Swiffness

    You should be ASHAMED of yourself for liking this awful, vulgar, profane, nefarious artist and his songs.

    I mean, as horrible as this hate song is, the rest of the CD is worse….the DJ even curses, and they actually put sounds of gunshots over the songs! The subject matter is nothing but violence, pre-marital sex, and using dangerous drugs like marijuana. And for some reason they keep shouting “gangster grizills”. Is this the message they send to black youth? That you’re not cool unless you’re a “gangster grizill”? What horrible music! Why can’t you blacks listen to real music like Benny Goodman or Dean Martin? No wonder there’s so many blacks in jail.

    Your “homey” Obama is never going to win the White House so long as rappers like this support him.

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, man fuck all these hatin’ ass maybe-racist critics. Don’t like it, don’t listen to it. You leave my Ghostface albums and DJ Drama tapes alone and I’ll leave your Toby Keith and shitty Ted Nugent albums alone.

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