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Hello World: Another Upgrade, Another Corner Turned

Everytime I take an inadvertent Blog Hiatus, I feel the need to make changes when I return.


This is probably the biggest change that I have made thus far.


Dragging my blog out of the shadows of the blogosphere and into the broad daylight of networked blogs attaching it to my Facebook page, which is basically like stapling my drivers License to the cover page.


I have been blogging for almost ten years….over ten years now.




I have been blogging off and on since I had one YOUNG son.


Now I have one son staring puberty in the face, one son contemplating life with two digits in his age, and third son with the Potty looming in his future.


When I Started blogging the world was fundamentally different than it is now.

When I Started blogging some things that I saw, felt and believed  are no longer things that I see, feel and believe.

When I Started Blogging I was Grasping with the age of 30, with no thought of what 40 would feel like.  Today I am 41 and feverishly preparing for 50.


It has been a ride.  A ride I have largely shared with strangers.


With a few clicks, I have exposed myself to relatives, Coworkers, Classmates, and even my Mother.


I never thought I would be here.  But here I am.


Out here for the world to see.


Naked and unashamed.


Metaphorically speaking…because my Momma is watching.

15 Minutes on the power of momentum

The hardest part about blogging is never the first day back.

The hardest part about blogging is the second day back.  The second day back is so hard that it can often pre-empt the first day.

What enables a blogger to press forward?

Comments like this one:

It’s good to see you back again. Yes, I do know how long ago Sept 9th was, because I come by this site everyday. Don’t know what it is that’s challenging you, but please know that you are not alone and there are people that you don’t even know who wish you well and pray for your strength; who feel your absence when you’re MIA. Stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, and continue to fight the good fight. I hope to see you here again soon….  – Annette B.

If that doesn’t make you wanna get your ass up and keep grinding, what will?  One of the things that motivates any blogger honest enough to say so is Blog comments.

Getting people to go to your Blog is hard enough.  Getting them to Go there…and feel compelled to actually comment? It’s like adrenaline in your veins.

I got that comment at 11:02 am.  At that very moment, it was without a doubt that I would be right back here today, If only to say Thank you.

I speak for bloggers everywhere when I say that people who comment on blogs are special and wonderful people who are second only to People who pay people living wages to blog things that they are passionate about.

Blog Trolls?  Fuck y’all.  Seriously.  A Hobby would do wonders for you.  A few Suggestions from me, gratis

Arsenic Testing

Traffic Triathalon

Arson Aerobics

Poisonous Phallic Consumption

Competitive Suicidal Feces Eating

Comment Spammers?  Just…stop, please.  Stop or join the Trolls in a new hobby.

15 minutes on New Mercies and New Opportunities

It’s Monday.

Many of you are dragging yourselves out of bed and Cursing the weekday gods. Not the kid.

This is the most fabulous Monday I have had since The six Mondays that followed Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl Victories.

Actually this is far more fabulous than that, because that wasn’t really about me.

This is all about me.

I am sitting in MY chair.
In MY place.
On MY computer.
On MY schedule.

This may not seem like a big deal to you.

Perhaps, that is because you didn’t feel like you were in the most comfortable form of prison.

No. Not, my marriage. I got better sense and my momma raised me better than to speak all willy nilly on that aspect of my life.

I am talking about the prison of the mind.

The shackles that We labor under…struggle with…and surrender to every day

I spent 90 days Facing the Very demons that befell me in the autumn of 2002.

Sometimes it didn’t seem like I was going to make it.

But I am here. Bruised…Humbled…Renewed…Emboldened.

The last post on this blog was September 9.

Do you know how LONG ago that was?

Let’s just Say Cam Newton, Wade Phillips, and Brett Favre felt a great deal differently about their lives on September 9 than they do on December 13.

I am in the same boat, although I would have to say I am feeling more Newton-ish about my chances in Life than I am feeling Favre-ish.

It has been a long time. I thought many things that I wanted to write in those 94 days.

I Couldn’t.

That Hurt.

God is faithful. He preserved me.

Thank God for Second…um….Third…no…Fourth…Shit, what number chance am I on now?

Thank God for mercy.

The Stench of Failure: When Writer’s Block Isn’t

It is said that 66% of blogs are in some varied state of abandonment. 

I thought about going back and inquiring as to just how many times I had abandoned this blog.  I decided that might embarrass me so much that I might re-abandon this blog in mid draft. 

As someone who has been guilty of this infraction, I know the feeling all too well. 

Many times Writer’s block comes while you sit and try to write one thing.  It sits on the keyboard and swats away your inspiration like Mutumbo and then waves that long ET-esque finger at you. 

Then it’s gone. What remains is the Stench of failure. 

The SoF is the nagging suspicion that you are wasting your efforts.  Sweating pools of blood that morph into subjects and predicates destined to be read by YOU.

and ONLY you.

Link it up and tweet it up and Market it all you like…No one reads it…So the next time, the burn to write is dampened. 

The Stench of Failure has whooshed in and tempered the burn to write.

The Stench of Failure Pervades everything a writer attempts until he/she finds peace with his vocation/passion, in all its solitude and potential futility.

You don’t beat the Stench of Failure until you stop obsessing over BlogStats.  The only blogs visisted less than my blog is my blog with no new posts in the past three months. 

Calling it writer’s block shifts your focus away from the true culprit. 

Blaming Writer’s Block for the work of the Stench of Failure is the equivalent of the FBI harrassing Richard Jewell and letting Eric Rudolf get  away. 


Stop worrying about page hits and write.

Stop tripping off how many comments you get and write.

Stop whining about how Click whoring Bloggers are ruining the game and WRITE.

And most importantly…

Stop eavesdropping on me when I’m writing blog posts to myself.

Another Day begun, Another Hiatus ended

IM not about to make pronouncements as to what the end of THIS hiatus will hold for anyone.

I will merely say that more than enough has changed in my life to warrant me to give this personalized Blogging thing a stab once again. 

It’s been almost three years since I Snuffed out the GovtName Blog and picked up this moniker. 

During that time, I spent more time getting my Pundit on than I did waxing personal.

Evan as my life got more and more interesting I wrote about it less and less. 

The Less I wrote about it, the more I NEEDED to write about it.

And now look at me. 

Here.  Doing This.  Again.

That never say never shit is real folks. 

Editor’s Note: yes.  Cryptic and enigmatic.  Stick around or Get around.  I will love you all the same.

How to Avoid Beef: Lesson 1

I am not a very patient person.

It might be difficult to imagine for a person who wears the title “waiter” to be the impatient sort, but welcome to my world of contradictions.

In particular, I have very little patience for people who speak in harsh and stark generalities, particularly about things they are at pains to have personally experienced.

Of all the hallmarks of my maturity, my reticence to load up and go in on stuff I don’t know anything about is the one that serves me best.

If you find yourself loaded for bear and ready to go all Neo and…uh….uh…The white chick in the office building scene in the Matrix.  Ask yourself.

Self? Is it worth it?

What do I REALLY know about this topic?

Why am I about to go in on this?  Is it personal?  Am I bogged down with personal experience and not operating with clarity?

Usually by the time you go through all that…the moment has passed and you have saved yourself a bunch of hassle.

Try it and let me know how it works.

Again with the New Beginnings

It is the First of of the Month Year Decade.

I am kick starting this blog off.


Why?  Because.  This is who I am.

Until I get it right, I will continue to try.

You don’t have to like it.  You don’t have to indulge it.

But you cannot escape it.  I will keep starting and stopping this Blog until it catches fire.

And It will.

Maybe this year.

Probably this year.

Definitely this year.

Why Definitely?

Because, I don’t have a plan B.

See you tomorrow.

The Dawn of the Cal InkPen, Jr. Era

Woody Allen once said that 90 % of life was showing up. No one embodies that mantra more than Cal Ripken. Ripken played every game for the Baltimore Orioles for over 16 years without missing one game. After writing my first blog post in eons, I decided to invest myself into this blog full time.

As a writer, It is vital to…well…actually write. If I commit myself to this task, Hopefully it will revitalize my love for writing and not just reading…and will convince some of you folk to make this blog the haven of sense and sensibility I always intended.

After many stops and false-starts….So begins the new Inkognegro 2.0

(twice in one day can’t be a bad start)