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Happy Veterans Day, But…

Idealism is what precedes experience, cynicism is what follows.

-David Wolf

There has been a nagging at my spirit during what I am viewing as an unprecedented media run up to Veterans’ Day.   I don’t have a particular gripe with Veterans Day, other than that they should just make it a Monday like all the other holidays, but that is just me being picky. 

What I struggle with is the nature of the holiday.  and its celebration. 

At the risk of  being particularly picky, Veterans Day isn’t about the military;  It is about the service member. 

Dragging your studio show overseas to use the military as a prop for your jingoism and let the military use you as a recruiting tool is all well and good( although it would be better if your parent company hadn’t been in bed with the administration in their reckless run up to a fraudulent war while totally ruining the one war that seemed to make sense, transforming it into a  debacle that may be worse than the initial one, I see you NewsCorp) but is that REALLY paying tribute to the service members?  REALLY?

It is about acknowledging the sacrifice being made by the service members.  The Human beings that end up being converted into pawns and rooks in the chess match that plays out in the DoD.

Enough of the Military photo ops. I wanna meet the people whose lives have been made…and broken by their military experience.   Because that’s what VETERANS Day should be about.

So, in that spirit.  My Veterans Day message.

To those who spend the lions share of their adulthood sacrifing to a country that occasionally patronizes their efforts and appreciates them to the extent it advances their political agenda.

To Those who sacrifice everything for a nation that just might allow them to die for nothing.

A nation far more grateful than it will ever be man/woman enough to express thanks you.