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The Power of Sleep

I just spent the past two weeks in Breakfast hell.  5 and 6 am call times, sometimes not getting off until 9 and 10 pm that night.  It refocused the importance of sleep in my life.

Setting and enforcing BedTimes, enforcing a routine that works and Staying in bed until a certain time has done wonders to get me through this period.  I am looking forward to maintaining that kind of lifestyle as I transition back to a more conventional Lifestyle.

I feel better.  My life is better.  My demeanor is far more stable, even WITH the ungodly wake up times.

As someone who suffered for YEARS in and out of marriage with insomnia, The power I have taken over my bedtime routine is the single Most significant part of maintaining my sanity throughout this process.

Today’s Advice: If you suffer from Insomnia, do not attack yourself…attack your routine, or lack thereof.