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The Fierce Chronicles: Power of Accountability

Yesterday I did something completely unprecedented.


I actively watched what I ate.

I made choices about what I put into my body with all the calculation and premeditation that I put into what I put into my brain.

For those of you who don’t know me that well, you greatly underestimate how significant this feat is.

I am a restaurant professional who can routinely spend 90% of his waking moments of a given day surrounded by food and drink of incredible taste and almost unlimited access.

For almost two decades, I relied upon the physical nature of my job, a cooperative metabolism, a fairly forgiving physical frame, and an ego that was concerned with things other than my physical appearance to rationalize my way into eating for pleasure and with no regard to any of the W’s or How.

I ate what I wanted

When I wanted

How I wanted

Where I….well, Mostly I was a slave to my schedule…I ate what I could when I could most of the time, so I ate what,when,  I wanted on those other occasions.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW food.  I am an information junkie who works in the food Business.  I learned as much by accident as I did on purpose.

It wasn’t until I attached myself to a person committed to healthy eating that I saw the possibility and the potential.

It wasn’t until that person tapped into my latent desire to do better and Played upon what motivates me to urge me forward in the same way she saw me add to her internal motivation.

It wasn’t until that person surrounded us with other folks desirous of change that accountability really set in.


It may very well be that ultimately I owe my life to The 50Fiercers.

LisChelaTyMateoKatieMonicaJanice?  I thank you all.  I have turned another page in my life and discovered a strength I never thought I had.