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How to Avoid Beef: Lesson 1

I am not a very patient person.

It might be difficult to imagine for a person who wears the title “waiter” to be the impatient sort, but welcome to my world of contradictions.

In particular, I have very little patience for people who speak in harsh and stark generalities, particularly about things they are at pains to have personally experienced.

Of all the hallmarks of my maturity, my reticence to load up and go in on stuff I don’t know anything about is the one that serves me best.

If you find yourself loaded for bear and ready to go all Neo and…uh….uh…The white chick in the office building scene in the Matrix.  Ask yourself.

Self? Is it worth it?

What do I REALLY know about this topic?

Why am I about to go in on this?  Is it personal?  Am I bogged down with personal experience and not operating with clarity?

Usually by the time you go through all that…the moment has passed and you have saved yourself a bunch of hassle.

Try it and let me know how it works.