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Rothlisberger and Cries

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I am not only a Pittsburgh native, but I am a life long Steelers fan.  Nothing I write today will change that.

This piece has NOT been an easy one to write. I have never been a huge fan of Ben Rothlisberger the person.  As a Football player?  I got fond memories.  As a person?

*Pauses.  Takes a deep breath* Ummmmm.

I can’t really even call it.

I was never really able to separate my Football fandom and my real life ideology. My stepfather wasn’t standing for it.  I was never the type to just blindly run behind a team.

Thankfully, I have never found myself in the place where I need to really Settle down and come to grips with who I am as a person as opposed to who I am as a Football player.

As this whole Ben Rothlisberger thing moves on to its climax(worst.pun.ever) , I really just want it to all be over.   I am essentially sickened by the whole thing.

The particulars of the non-charges are difficult to ignore.

The serial nature of the Charges.

-The charge in Vegas that Faltered

-The charge in Georgia


I can’t ride with this kinda stuff.  I just Can’t.

Am I saying that Ben needs to go?

Not quite.  But I wouldn’t be mad.

I am sayin that I don’t wanna see Ben on the field until he has Faced demons he doesn’t seem to know he has.

And those are the worst kind.

I am saying Six Games total. Four from the League and two more from the team.

He needs mandatory couch time to see about unpacking whatever demons he seems to have amassed.

Perhaps he should sit and listen to stories about Date Rape and Assault.

He also needs the shortest leash known to man.

At the end of the day, he hasn’t been convicted of a crime, so the idea of exiling him to the Isle of Patmos (or Oakland for that matter) is probably more than I can suggest.

I believe in Repentance.

I believe in the power to change, even if its the power to change into a regular dude who has issues with women but can manage to avoid Being accused of sexual assault every 6 months.

I can deal with a QB who is a cad.  Your quarterback is probably a cad.  (Dallas and New England, are you paying attention?)

I can’t deal with a QB who is a predator.

Nope, Can’t do it.

39 years as a Steelers Fan tells me the Rooneys can’t either.

Ben.  Go Sit down.  Get Help.  Grow Up.

It is probably asking too much for Ben to emerge from this being a sensitive advocate for Justice for women.

It’s WELL within the realm of possibility for Ben to come out of this knowing fucking better.

That’s my goal.

AFTER he sits his ass down.