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Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking the NFC East

The NFC East enjoys a reputation of being THE division in the NFL.  So much so, that in spite of Dallas’ very UNeastern geography, this division has remained intact throughout the era of realignment.  With Four upper echelon Teams (in terms of mystique and fan Bases, not necessarily on- field performance (Looks DIRECTLY at Washington Fans)) The NFC East always occupies significant space in the mindsets of football fans, even fans of other teams.  Here is a recap of last week and power rankings of the NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – Looked good dispatching this year’s trendy darkhorse pick, the Cleveland Browns.   Problem is, they looked so good that it was hard to figure out if it was Dallas looking good or Cleveland looking bad.  Nothing like a home opener against the Cowboys most formidable rival to determine exactly where they stand.  Of course, the REAL answer won’t be given until January (or at least December)

NY Giants – The Giants have a happy and reasonably healthy Plaxico Burress, thanks to a well deserved contract extension.  Losing Osi Umenyiora (who has a name that should be attached to some kind of female runway model, then I could repeat it over and over and not feel kinda icky) is REALLY gonna hurt as they get into the meat of their schedule. This week shouldnt be a problem as they have a bye week face the St. Louis Rams.

Philadelphia Eagles – There is cautious optimism in Philly where Donovan McNabb seems to be setting up another career season, now that he appears to have a gamebreaker on the outside in DeSean Jackson.  14 days will be all it will take to see how for real the Eagles are this year.  They are in Dallas on Monday night and then go home to host the Steelers the following Sunday.

Washington – Hopefully Jim Zorn was watching football this past weekend, be it High School, College, the NFL, Arena League, CFL, powderpuff, or SOMETHING.  Clearly he was using Joe Gibbs old game management notes against the Giants the other night.  This is NOT a division where you want to fritter away chances to steal victory from the jaws of defeat because you cannot manage the clock effectively.  Washington hosts the Saints this Sunday in a MUST win game.  Since the Division is effectively OUT of reach already…winning head to head at home against another playoff contender in your conference is vital.  Not to mention that another coaching debacle like The Giant game will stir up the fan base in a way you just do not want.


1. Dallas – This means nothing.  The whole world is waiting for January.

2. NY Giants – Without Mr. Pretty Name, the Giants just don’t match up on paper to the Cowboys.

3. Philadelphia – See me in 14 Days to see if Philadelphia can make the jump.

4. Washington – It is September 10.  That is a little early for the vultures to be circling, but if something doesn’t change significantly for the Redskins, they could be staring down a year long seat in the Caboose of the NFC East.