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The Part where we realize Mark Halperin was better off Calling POTUS a Dick

“I miscalculated a fair amount about what would happen with debt talks. I thought, for instance, that there’d be a big signing ceremony. I thought the president would stand with the Republican leaders, and they would announce together, we’ve solved the problem, even if we didn’t do everything everybody wanted. That didn’t happen.” – Mark Halperin


So, apparently calling the President kind of a dick is actually an improvement  over his standard boilerplate political commentary.  I am starting to wonder if Mark Halperin could predict the weather here in Dallas-Fort Worth (hint: it hasn’t been something other than Hot as all bejeezus and sunny since July 2)



Hello World: Another Upgrade, Another Corner Turned

Everytime I take an inadvertent Blog Hiatus, I feel the need to make changes when I return.


This is probably the biggest change that I have made thus far.


Dragging my blog out of the shadows of the blogosphere and into the broad daylight of networked blogs attaching it to my Facebook page, which is basically like stapling my drivers License to the cover page.


I have been blogging for almost ten years….over ten years now.




I have been blogging off and on since I had one YOUNG son.


Now I have one son staring puberty in the face, one son contemplating life with two digits in his age, and third son with the Potty looming in his future.


When I Started blogging the world was fundamentally different than it is now.

When I Started blogging some things that I saw, felt and believed  are no longer things that I see, feel and believe.

When I Started Blogging I was Grasping with the age of 30, with no thought of what 40 would feel like.  Today I am 41 and feverishly preparing for 50.


It has been a ride.  A ride I have largely shared with strangers.


With a few clicks, I have exposed myself to relatives, Coworkers, Classmates, and even my Mother.


I never thought I would be here.  But here I am.


Out here for the world to see.


Naked and unashamed.


Metaphorically speaking…because my Momma is watching.

The one where Ink writes about everything but what he is thinking about the most

I am most successful as a writer when what I am writing about is the most important thing on my mind. The ability to Plunge a syringe into your brain and withdraw the foremost passions and thoughts only to inject them onto the page is the literary equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel.

But what do you do when what is foremost on your mind is sacrosanct.


What do you do when your primary thoughts are everything that cannot be spread to anyone, neither the elites nor the huddled masses?

What do you do when the thoughts you most think are toxic to the air?

What do you do when even the benign thoughts in your realm are susceptible to infection by the virus that is your most primary thoughts?

What happens when the thoughts foremost in your mind cloud your ability to Conjugate your verbs forge agreement with your subjects?


What do I do?


I write about writing about it. It was the first lesson I learned in dealing with writer’s block. Write about how you can’t write what is most pressing until something you can write about becomes more important.



We Get by with a Little Help from our Friends

Along my journey on the lifetime highway that is Life as a Sickle Cell Parent, I have spent a lot of time in the Hematology/Oncology wing of Cook Children’s Hospital.

What I discovered was that it was difficult to get too down at Daylen’s State of Affairs when I was sharing an elevator with Parents who literally LIVE at the hospital.

With that in mind, when I found out that a friend was raising money for the 2011 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training I had to offer my miniscule Platform to Encourage you to support her efforts.  

Please pass this along to anyone who can help.

Making Don Lemonade out of Don Lemon

So, Don Lemon is  gay.  Thank you for that update.  I was just wondering about that.

As a Heterosexual Black male who has had his own Sexual preference questioned, by former mates on an occasion or two( yes, more than one and yes more than once), I have always felt a certain kinship with Black men who fall outside of the Masculine mainstream.

Granted I thought he was all manner of Meh in his job, but the game is the game.  Its not like hes Luke Russert.  He’s AIGHT.

Anyway, The bottom line is this… Coming out of the closet is a far bigger deal than a mere mortal Heterosexual Black Man can contemplate.  Even a quasi-renaissance Heterosexual Black man like me.

I am in his corner, even I don’t exactly understand why.

The Rumors of Black Love’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

As I move towards the finality of my divorce, I seem to be surrounded with a lot of last rites on Black Love.

I am going to Leave aside the nebulosity of the Notion of “Black Love”(if you need validation for the concept of “Black Love” Might I suggest you go amuse yourself elsewhere)

Black Love is real. It is the natural evolution of our most powerful emotion blended with the supernatural strength that comes with Overcoming centuries of dehumanizing conditions meant to strip us of all dignity to make us worthy only of the chattel we were intended to be.

I understand that this is difficult for those who don’t share that heritage. To you I say…get more Black friends and do more listening than talking. Again with the explanations…back on topic.

What has to be remembered is that there is a distinct difference between Black Love and Black Man – Black Woman relationships.

Black Love is an emotional state between Two Black People.

It Will not Die

It Cannot die.


The Issues between Black Men and Black Women, OTOH, are here. They are real and they are growing.


Focus on that, please. And let Black Love live. Still.

When Twitter was Ours

I have been pondering  Twitter for a few months now.  For me, its potential feels realized, but not in the way I had hoped.  When I first started using Twitter with any regularity, George W. Bush was still the president and I literally knew 1 person who used twitter with any frequency.

The media hadn’t discovered Twitter and it was where we used to go and hide out and talk about People when they weren’t looking.

Celebrities on twitter were quiet, if there at all.

Then The media found out about Twitter.

Then the Revolution came.  and another.  and another.

Twitter got bigger and bigger…And Less and less of a refuge.

What made Twitter unique was that you could say whatever you wanted on Twitter from anywhere.  You didn’t have to wait until you got home to post on your blog.  Something happened and you tweeted your thoughts.  If people liked what you thought They RT’d you and you would get a bit of shine. Woo-hoo.

At the end of the day, regardless of How many Followers you have, 140 characters is 140 characters.

Rashard Mendenhall muses openly about the Trutherism.

So?   This is the internet…where Trutherism was BORN and LIVES.

Tashard Choice catches feelings because to Catch a Predator.

He wasn’t alone.  TCAP is a Twitter institution.  God only knows why, but it is…and thats fine.

Rashard Mendenhall and Tashard Choice didn’t say ANYTHING that I don’t see alllllllllllll over my timeline all the time. And Trust me, I keep my timeline TIDY, folks.

So We have to drag him out in the public square and flog him and…Pauses for effect…question is he Deserves to work?


Stop that.

Before I start Diving in your timelines and Making your life miserable.

Celebrities are getting in trouble for saying what People