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Fool Her once, Shame on Her, Fool Her Twice, Shame on US?

   Frank Rich proposes that the Iran saber-rattling is really an elaborate ruse to reposition the debate in the 08 General Election.

While the saber- rattling is reckless as foreign policy, it’s a
proven winner as election-year Republican campaign strategy. The real
point may be less to intimidate Iranians than to frighten Americans.
Fear, the only remaining card this administration still knows how to
play, may once more give a seemingly spent G.O.P. a crack at the White
House in 2008.

While watching 60 Minutes in between football games, I saw with interest the story of Curve Ball, the CIA informant who provided a significant amount of “information” which was used to justify the war in Iraq. As the story systematically reviewed the story and thoroughly discredited, Mrs. Ink was shocked.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” she kept saying over and over again, while shaking her head.

To which I responded, “that’s why people give Hillary such a hard time about the war.”

Her: But she couldn’t have known.

Me: How couldn’t she have known. I knew. This was largely on the news. All this is review.

Her: Oh.



That is how it works. And why y’all out here bullshittin’ it is about to happen again.

And the Democratic front runner, who jumped out in front of the foolishness in 2002 is now hedging her bets again.

And people still let it slide.

The clock is ticking folk, if you all would like to start paying attention to the campaign, it would be appreciated.


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History is a tale told by the Victors

I ditched the widget shop yesterday and took the wife to see American Gangster.  As I expected, it was everything I thought it would be.

However, one comment I have heard from amateur movie critics is that there was too much Russell Crowe and not enough Denzel Washington.

Yeah, I can see that.  But that is an effort to broaden the scope of the movie.

If the movie focuses on the Rise of Frank Lucas, it becomes Hoodlum.

The balance was very similar to that of The Departed, which was a movie that strived to strike a balance between adding depth to the villain without glorifying his existence.

To truly tell the story of Frank Lucas, there has to be some plea  copping and rationalizing, because those things must exist in order to explain how it is that a man who wreaked so much destruction can also be beloved.

When the story of a Frank Lucas falls into the hands of a Steven Zaillian, Ridley Scott, and Brian Grazer with an eye towards a 100+ Million Dollar box office, then you have to understand that the perspective is everything.

This, is why WHO is telling the story is often more important than WHAT story is being told.