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I never thought I would miss Tim Russert. Now I do.

Meet the Press is dead to me.

While I never worshipped at the shrine of the world’s most famous Buffalo Bills fan or drank the chunky everyman Koolaid that was served by NBMSNBC when Mr. Russert passed away suddenly, I worried about the future of my Sunday morning talking head show of choice.

I always considered Tim Russert by far the least of all the evils provided by Sunday Morning Blabfests.

This week with George Snuffalupagus is hampered by the Banality of George Snuffalupagus and the general assholishness of George Will.

Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer has Wolf Blitzer on it, and that simply will not do.  Plus it comes off as regular ole CNN.  I need more gravitas than that.

Fox News Sunday is…well, its Fox News for folk who are too old and stubborn for Cable.

And CBS is determined to Hide Face the Nation from me by starting it on the Half-Hour.
So After St. Timothy of Buffalo passed away, they DeMothballed Tom Brokaw to fill in and offer the necessary gravitas through the campaign.

Now after all attempts to keep trotting Tom out there for another two years have failed…NBC has decided to give the job to David Gregory as a carrot to keep him around until Matt Lauer makes his inevitable exit from the Today Show.

As a devoted viewer of MTP, this is unacceptable to me.

What allows MTP to work is its gravitas.  David Gregory has the gravitas of a T-Pain Hook.

It’s been my opinion that the Smartest and Sharpest and most evenhanded person at NBC should do MTP.  It was Russert until he passed.  Brokaw worked in a pinch, I knew that unless NBC went and stole someone (*COUGHGwen Ifill*COUGH) There was going to be some drama with the pick.

David Gregory needs to be getting his groove on with Mary J. on the Holidays and leave the big chair to a weightier personality.


But NBC has spoken.  And my remote will respond.

Face the Nation, here I come.

*goes to Reprogram DVR*