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John Edwards isn’t on CP Time after all.

Shout out to Dottie Peoples…even though this is one of my 5 LEAST favorite gospel songs of all time, I spent a day with Ms. Peoples and she is the real deal.

If you could draw a script up for the ideal time to announce a John Edwards endorsement, 6:30 pm the day after West Virginia would be exactly the moment.

As irrelevant as West Virginia was in the grand scheme of things, it was truly a blessing for the babbling media hordes to have a different bone to chew on.

I disagree with those who felt that Edwards was late.  While it would have been nice to have him going into Pennsylvania, I certainly can see him wanting to lay low through Ohio and Pennsylvania so as not to be seen as piling on Senator Clinton.

I think the math has become so academic that it is time for EVERYONE to go ahead and ante up.

*Casts a glance at Mr. Gore, who IS flirting dangerously close to CP Time*

Meanwhile, Senator Clinton is jacking up threes and calling time-outs faster than Joe Gibbs and Chris Webber ever could.

(sidebar: have you noticed that EVEN in West Virginia, there is ALWAYS at least ONE Brotha behind Hillary?)

Let’s pour a little out for John Edwards’ Campaign

Let me say that I appreciate John Edwards as much as I can appreciate a man that I trust about as far as I can throw him.

After today, basically the race boils down to  the old soldier vs. the mormon on one side and  the brother vs. the white woman on the other.

The show is basically over on both sides, near as I can tell.  Rudy’s betrothal  to McCain basically salts it away for him unless the Angry Right goes Nancy Kerrigan on McCain and really breaks down the party just to avert a McCain candidacy.

On the other side, with Edwards out of the way, Obama still finds himself down 3 scores with the ball  early in the fourth quarter.  He can still do it, but he is going to need a break.   He is going to need a score tomorrow at the Debate if he wants any hope at all of closing the gap.

If Edwards wants to have an impact, then he needs to make an endorsement, one way or the other, either today or tomorrow.

Waiting more than that won’t matter.

Either way, I doubt that the Clintons will miss him.

You cannot explain it away. You lost, You were wrong, and You don’t know shit.

January of 2003 found me as a voice in the wilderness…issuing props for a little known doctor turned governor of Vermont as pretty much no one dared challenge a pre Iraq George W. Bush

January of 2004 found me holding out hope that the powers that be in the Democratic party  wouldn’t sacrifice its most dynamic candidate for its most institutional one.

January of 2005 found me generally annoyed that a man who sold a disastrous war on not one but TWO horrible and pretty damn shameless lies walked into the White House again.

January of 2006 found me shaking my head at the choices that lie ahead as the war continued to erode America’s faith in itself.

January of 2007 found me shaking my head as the conventional wisdom continued to tell me things that made no sense.

2007 was a year when the convention wisdom wasn’t.

In any moment of crisis, there  comes a time when you just say:

Fuck it.  This ain’t workin.  I need to do something different.

This isn’t about anyone but Bush.  This is about this country is fucked up and something different needs to happen.

If You were out in the streets, you would know this.

Things are different out here.  The Bush debacle has shown us just how dysfunctional the Federal Government has become.

Four years ago, as Howard Dean was screaming his way into oblivion, you didn’t know Barack Obama from Bart Simpson unless you were from Chicago.

In January of 2004You KNEW Hillary Clinton, You KNEW John Edwards, You knew EVERY SINGLE ONE of these candidates from BOTH sides of the aisle with ONE exception.  Barack Obama.

For the past four years, Hillary Clinton has been getting her Danny Ocean on, bringing the old gang back together for one more caper, while Bill Clinton has been cashing in 8 years worth of political favors.   It took a Hurricane in Louisiana to get John Edwards out of Iowa.  Joe Biden spent those years dissecting Iraq into pieces while casting himself as the anti-Bush.

2006 brought the midterms and the termination of the Contract on With America.  Hillary Clinton  conducted a dry run for president, channeling her inner Bill Belichick and running up the score on the poor schmuck who opposed her in her bid for re-election to the US Senate.

The inevitability of Hillary Clinton has been drilled into our heads since Al Gore left Politics to invent Global Warming.

As the cast of usual suspects started forming around the election, there wasn’t much certainty.  In a cast of ugly step-brothers, it was clear that Hillary Clinton was Cinderella.

But on the periphery…there he was.

Would he or wouldn’t he?

Is it too soon?

Why now, when Hillary looks so strong?

You drilled the meaningless national polls into our heads as  we spent 2007 watching from afar as Obama, Clinton and Edwards made their case in Iowa.

Well, let me be specific.

You drilled the meaningless national polls into the heads of the world while only the political junkies (and their wives) watched from afar as Obama Clinton and Edwards made their case in Iowa and during the 632,254,532 debates that were conducted.

meanwhile Barack Obama built a phenomenal grassroots campaign and started scoring unprecedented Fundraising numbers, not just in terms of money, but in terms of actual Donors.

As the Iowa polls tightened with every week, you showed me the same national polls and buttressed them with the Black Elected Official’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton of the Week and underscored that with the  “Is Obama Black enough” debate. (as if you can REALLY question the Blackness of a man who has

a: a Black Wife

b: two Black children

C: Frankie Beverly & Earth Wind and Fire in his home stereo

When the dog days of summer evolved into the brisk days of fall a curious thing started to happen.

Barack Obama pulled ahead in Iowa…and intermittently in South Carolina and in New Hampshire.

You told me about the “National” front-runner Hillary Clinton and her struggles against underdog campaigns (one of which had actually out-raised her)

The holidays arrived and Obama faced challenges from not just the Clinton and Edwards campaign but from the Left-leaning blogosphere who insisted that Obama was a punk who wanted to just get along and that John Edwards would kick ass and take names.

The Des Moines Register poll emerged and it showed Obama had pulled away.  You told me the poll (which historically has been fairly accurate) meant little and that it was still razor close.

Tonight…I say:

You lost, You were wrong, and You dont know shit.

and let me explain what REALLY happened tonight.

In a race with ONE…….ONE new political face, there was an EIGHTY NINE PERCENT increase in Democrats Caucusing.

And that new face Beat the incumbent “presumptive nominee” and the ass-kicker convincingly.  Don’t let those eight points fool you, because those are DELEGATES, not votes.

This race got REALLY interesting, REALLY quickly.

Interesting enough for me to spend my night after work ignoring my BRAND NEW XBox 360 and the game I bought it.

And if you think the Democratic results are interesting…

A former Baptist pastor and small southern state Governor who used to be fat with no money and despised by the GOP establishment just beat the pants off a who’s who of 21st century Republican Politics.

Apparently THEY didn’t know shit, either.