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Hulk up in Harlem

Upon leaving the theater this morning for the first showing of The Incredible Hulk I immediately understood why Ed Norton (who is one of my favorite actors) might have been a little peeved about the script and the consequent editing.

He was a bit player.

They could have gotten Art Carney (Norton from the Honeymooners, keep up) to play the Bruce Banner we all came to see Hulk Smash.

But I didn’t come to see Hulk Smash Harlem. What the hell was THAT about? and not some random Uptown Street….but Hulk and dude with the Spikey back were right in front of the Apollo Theater. I didn’t know whether to be honored or disrespected.

Anyway, the movie was what it was. Ed Norton shoulda known all his good writing (and acting) was going to end up on the cutting room floor. As much as I like Eddie 25th Hour Fight Club, I made the drive this morning to see Hulk Smash…and smash he did.