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Palin Comparison

If you have been paying any attention, you will notice that Wednesdays are especially long (humpy, even) for me.

I wake up around 6-630 and get him and her and me, of course( bathed and dressed for school/day care/college.

8am finds me hanging out with Professor Cheesehead in GOVT 2305 and 9am finds me with Professor Arkansanette in HIST 1301.  Then I hit the lie-bury  and do a bit of online stuff before heading up to the plantation to put in 12 hours of service excellence only to return home and make sure everyone is happy before heading to bed only to hit the ground running at 6-630 am tomorrow.

As such, I am subjected to low volume CNN, ESPN and ESPN2 all day at work.

Today, I found myself besieged by everyones favorite hockey mom/constitutional scholar/moose killer.

After hour number 5 or 6 of the endless loops of one of her interview I finally said out loud to no one in particular:

Me: This has nothing to do with my personal ideology, but for the love of intellect can we get her off the damn TV for a little while?

Random 20something white Bartender: Iono…she IS hawt.

Me: Naw, man.  She ain’t hawt.  Pretty?  Sure.  Easy on the Eyes? sure.  HAWT?  not a chance.

R20sWB:  Yeah but shes Governor Hawt.

Me: Governor Hawt is like pygmy tall.  or idiot smart. its oxymoronic (pauses for effect)  laughs to himself Geehee ….OXY moronic.  thats not REAL hawt.

So….Leaving aside, for the moment, the substance (such that it was) of what Governor Hawt said today (all effin day) aside, Let the record reflect, once and for all what HAWT is.

/engages in mildly misogynistic objectification


Not Hawt.  not really even lukewarm.  Tepid at best.

Not Hawt. not really even lukewarm. Tepid at best.

Just so we are clear.

Any questions?