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Better to me than I have Been to myself

For the many times I’ve fallen
And yet You forgave me, thank You,
Lord, I thank You
For unmerited favor,
And Your brand new mercies
Thank You, how I thank You
For wakin’ me up this morning
For letting me see one more dawning
Thank You, Lord, I thank You,
I thank You, Lord, Oooooh

For life, health, and strength
For food and for shelter,
thank You, Lord, I thank You
If I had ten thousand tongues
It just wouldn’t be enough to say
Thank You, how I thank You
For wakin’ me up this morning
For letting me see one more dawning
Thank You, Lord, I thank You,
I thank You, Lord, Oooooh
For saving my soul, for making me whole
For calming my fears, for wiping my tears
And letting me know that I’m not alone
For wakin’ me up this morning
For letting me see one more dawning
Thank You, I thank You, Lord

I have been tossing around a lot of possibilities as to how to bust back into this piece. We are cracking open the final can of whoopass on one amazing year.

But before we can wrap up 2008, we have to actually finish it.

Instead I want to take this weekend of Thanksgiving to ponder the wonders of gratitude. When I’m not getting my disgruntled former baptist on Me and the Most High are quite tight.  Of Course, it’s when I get out of pocket and forget my foundation that I tend to spiral out of control.

Nothing like a week devoted to giving thanks to get a handle on how blessed I have been this year.

Last year I spent getting my inner self together and growing up in preparation for the challenges I have faced this year.

In this year I have managed to finally turn the corner on a number of my personal issues.  I was able to tighten up my relationship with my sons and my wife and my ex-wife.  I watched my mother grow as a college student and complete her Associate’s degree.  I was so inspired by her that I woke up one day and went and enrolled my behind in a full load of classes.

Then two lovely lil kids end up on my doorstep and I am thrust into informal Foster parenting.

Mrs. Ink is wrapping up the bow on her Master’s Degree, Im getting my 38 year-old freshman and we are both playing Mr. Drummond to Arnoldette and Willis Gandara.

And here we are…One week to go in this semester and I was able to swing a small vacation to the Mountains with The Mrs.

Meanwhile the whole time I was listening to and watching news reports on the radio and tv about how bad things are for people all over the world.

Better to me than I have been to myself, I tell ya.

Now lets get back to church, shall we?

More Change we can Believe in.

Remember all that fuss about Obama’s Father’s Day speech?

No, probably not.  It was foolishness anyway, so let’s move on.


In this article by the American Prospect, you can find a good idea of the kind of weight that Obama wants to put behind the rhetoric.


Whatever the cultural or political reasons for Obama’s high-profile Father’s Day speech, behind the rhetoric is a new way of thinking about fatherhood. Obama is advocating for a specific agenda designed to remove barriers that discourage fathers from paying child support, eliminate policies that punish married couples who are working to get off public assistance, and grant public funding to proven nonprofit organizations that help men transition into better jobs, including those re-entering society from incarceration.

I read articles like this ne and I get almost apopleptic (yes, literally) about the overall discourse that exists in ths campaign.

I don’t need 24 blog posts about how YT don’t like me and my cousin.

I NEED folk to REALLY cut through the foolishness and get into the TRUE substance of it all.

It is out there, I promise you.  Let’s get after it, people.

I ain’t got all damn day. No one Does.

I wonder how some of y’all do it.

I got idols role models in this game who bring it on the regular,  Posting regularly with insights and genius day after day.

Between my sons and the plantation and the wife, not to mention my own focus issues, I do well to get one or two real posts out a week.

It isn’t that I don’t have the time, necessarily.

but by the time I get my reading and my usual online banking and bill paying done, I am way past the time regular folk should be online.

The wife says to me that I am addicted and that something needs to change.

I don’t know that I need to start hitting meetings or anything like but something is going to have to give.

The wife has decided that I spend every non working waking hour online.

Of course, this is an exaggeration, but even Barack Obama will tell you that life is much more about what people THINK is than what actually is.

So, watch with amazement while I try to be online less and get more done online.

*sucks teeth and logs off*


One of Kanye’s best.  What possessed him to redo and recycle it with that Coldplay cat, is beyond me.

I cannot tell you how glad I am to be home.  Vacations are all well and good…but it is time to make the donuts

Got a whole lotta stuff going on I wanna write about and hopefully I can get to it before it goes stale.  Nothing worse than writing a stale post.

The boys are sleeping on the couch until I can get the beds delivered and put together.  They are excited to be here, but not nearly as much as I am excited to have them here, if only for a month.

Guess Who’s Back

 This Post has a Soundtrack (the real version…grab the earbuds)

It Feels good to be home.

After almost a week off from work, maxing and relaxing, it is indeed good to be back on the grind. For reasons that are both obvious and notso obvious, Being back in the Burgh is always cause for a good bit of introspection and general spection (!). With the Pennsylvania Primary looming ominously over the state, more eyes than usual were on the campaign.

Personally, knowing the state as I do, I expect a 7-15 point Clinton victory. It IS a demographic nightmare for Obama and essentially is akin to a Punxsutawney Phil sighting, a whole lot of fuss over something that ultimately won’t mean a whole lot. Obama, wisely is pacing his Pennsylvania appearances while still working on Oregon, West Virginia, Indiana and other states, maintaining a winning strategy of never putting all his proverbial eggs in one basket.

Of course there is the minor issue of Obama being prohibitively ahead. But frankly I’m just over the whole primary bit. Pennsylvania is very much yesterday, and for the Clintons to pretend that Pennsylvania represents some microcosm of the 21st Century United States is a little bit grating. *turns the page*

Let’s see what else is going on…

March Madness? Don’t ask. All the upsets I suspected and didn’t pick…(Davidson) happened and all the ones I did Pick (Pittsburgh to the Final Four, Drake, Butler) didn’t. Either Way, 10 out of 16 ain’t too bad.

Jeremiah Wright is STILL on TV.

There is always the personal stuff that comes with going home…but I will dice that up and spread it around.

Fourteenth Day of Black History Month: Love Conquers All

Barack Obama took the day off to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his family.

Let that settle in for a moment, shall we?

if ANYONE could have earned a pass for Valentine’s Day, it would have been Mr. Obama.

But where is he?  At home.

THAT is a man I respect.

In the midst of history in the making, a campaign for the ages,  and the very notion of change in the most powerful nation on the planet bubbling all over the world, Barack Obama is at home with his family.

Not nearly enough attention has been paid to this fact.

Because when the Koolaid is all drunken up, and all y’all have pulled your levers and shook hands with history, All Barack Obama is going to have, win OR lose, is Michelle and the Girls.

That is all any of us have.

It is no accident that many of the Giants of our era, were buttressed by Women who were Giants in their own right.

Coretta Scott King and Betty Shabazz could have been every bit the peers of Martin and Malcolm but they chose to show that strength by playing the most difficult role of all.  I will pause at this point and mention that Mrs. King had a particularly difficult role to play in light of the um….er…extraneous issues that were involved in her life.

I could regale you with tales of the women behind the men, but I had a long night with the woman behind me, so I will leave y’all to connect the dots.