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Better to me than I have Been to myself

For the many times I’ve fallen
And yet You forgave me, thank You,
Lord, I thank You
For unmerited favor,
And Your brand new mercies
Thank You, how I thank You
For wakin’ me up this morning
For letting me see one more dawning
Thank You, Lord, I thank You,
I thank You, Lord, Oooooh

For life, health, and strength
For food and for shelter,
thank You, Lord, I thank You
If I had ten thousand tongues
It just wouldn’t be enough to say
Thank You, how I thank You
For wakin’ me up this morning
For letting me see one more dawning
Thank You, Lord, I thank You,
I thank You, Lord, Oooooh
For saving my soul, for making me whole
For calming my fears, for wiping my tears
And letting me know that I’m not alone
For wakin’ me up this morning
For letting me see one more dawning
Thank You, I thank You, Lord

I have been tossing around a lot of possibilities as to how to bust back into this piece. We are cracking open the final can of whoopass on one amazing year.

But before we can wrap up 2008, we have to actually finish it.

Instead I want to take this weekend of Thanksgiving to ponder the wonders of gratitude. When I’m not getting my disgruntled former baptist on Me and the Most High are quite tight.  Of Course, it’s when I get out of pocket and forget my foundation that I tend to spiral out of control.

Nothing like a week devoted to giving thanks to get a handle on how blessed I have been this year.

Last year I spent getting my inner self together and growing up in preparation for the challenges I have faced this year.

In this year I have managed to finally turn the corner on a number of my personal issues.  I was able to tighten up my relationship with my sons and my wife and my ex-wife.  I watched my mother grow as a college student and complete her Associate’s degree.  I was so inspired by her that I woke up one day and went and enrolled my behind in a full load of classes.

Then two lovely lil kids end up on my doorstep and I am thrust into informal Foster parenting.

Mrs. Ink is wrapping up the bow on her Master’s Degree, Im getting my 38 year-old freshman and we are both playing Mr. Drummond to Arnoldette and Willis Gandara.

And here we are…One week to go in this semester and I was able to swing a small vacation to the Mountains with The Mrs.

Meanwhile the whole time I was listening to and watching news reports on the radio and tv about how bad things are for people all over the world.

Better to me than I have been to myself, I tell ya.

Now lets get back to church, shall we?


Stop. Look. Listen.

In the midst of my personal soul searching and self-evaluation, something has completely irritated me about the Coverage of Barack Obama.

While there is an overall buzzphrase that pervades all mainstream coverage of any campaign, The Obama campaign seem to be caught in a heavily watered down narrative that usually focuses on one phrase that usually connotes a certain skepticism on the part of those alleged to be in the know.

Surely you remember such hits as

Is America Ready for a Black President?

How Black is Barack Obama?

Can a man with the middle name Hussein get elected?

Will Blacks Fall in love with Barack Obama?

Will Whites vote for Obama (this one was before Iowa)

Will Poor Whites vote for Obama?

Will Hispanics vote for Obama?

Can a man married to one of those angry Black women be president?

Can Obama sway the SuperDelegates?

Can Obama win in the South?

Can he win in the West?

Can he win without Clinton

Can he sway her voters?

Why Can’t he close the deal?

Why cant Obama go to the nice Black Churches we see Bill Clinton going to all the time?

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Well…for the past three weeks the latest buzzphrase has revolved around whether or not Barack Obama has moved to the Center.

Ignore all the blather.  It isn’t about moving to the center.  It is about broadening the conversation.

Barack Obama has made a habit of speaking in broad and general terms about what he wishes to accomplish, sometimes ruffling the feathers of people who usually agree with him.

To THOSE people it sounds like pandering.  It isn’t.  It is leadership.

Since Monday, Obama has delivered thoughtful and provocative speeches on Patriotism, Faith, and National Service, all topics Democrats traditionally struggle with but topics that Obama clearly has passionate ideas and principles about.

These three also are issues that Obama is uniquely qualified to address as opposed to his opponent.

Patriotism from a non-jingoistic perspective

Faith as a tool for upliftment

Choosing service over self

Name a politician better suited to address these topics.

Instead of bitching and whining because the preacher won’t preach from your momma’s favorite scripture, why don’t you LISTEN TO WHAT HE IS SAYING…you MIGHT learn something.

Go ahead, I’ll Wait (Williams, K)