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I wash my hands of this entire mess. I am Done.

Do not shit on me and tell me you brought me chocolate.

When you trotted out Billy Shaheen I was amused.

When you had Mark Penn bust the ill subliminal I was annoyed.

When you took the feed from Magic Johnson I was amused, but slightly irritated.

When you dusted off Bob Kerrey I was genuinely disturbed.

When Bill Clinton got his Auntie Anne on with Obama’s war record, I was insulted.

When you kinda sorta choked back tears (or not) I…was pretty indifferent.  Even though you seemed to stop sniffling to act like the country would implode if someone other than you took the walk down Pennsylvania Avenue for the Oath of Office on 1/20/09

When you won New Hampshire, I charged it to the game and hoped we could now get on  to a good substantive campaign.

But then Hillary “found her voice”…

and she used it turn this campaign into a farce.

a. Farce.

Don’t believe me?

Then explain the appearance of ROBERT JOHNSON at a WOMEN’S COLLEGE to introduce Hillary Clinton where he SHAMELESSLY re-invokes all manner of coded racial symbolism.

The irony.

The audacity.

The mufuggin nerve.


I’m done.

And you mothafuggas runnnin around talking about I am imagining shit?

Fuck that.

I am finished.

I will not cast a vote for any Clinton for ANY office.  I don’t give a fuck WHO the GOP nominee is.

Huckabee?  I’d vote for him over Hillary…in a second.

McCain?  I would ponder it…

Anyone else…I will vote for some other stuff and write in Barack Obama.

I got through 8 years of Bush and I am actually better off, no thanks to HIM.

I took this personally, because you made it personal

So, to all you Clinton supporters and desperate Lefties who wanna win SOOOO bad that you turn a blind eye to this foolishness in the name of winning the White House I say this.

For your sake, I hope it was worth it.

Because I am pretty sure you will wish we didn’t know the truth about you when you see what happens next.

Magic Johnson and a live microphone – a match made in heaven.

It seems Bob Kerrey has begotten Magic Johnson.

I was toiling away at the day/night job when I saw everyone’s favorite Goldwater Girl turned rabid Feminist liberal standing in front of a Black man who was clearly taller than everyone else in the room, including her husband, who is no shrinking violet himself.

Lo and Behold, Its one Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who is cruising a Des Moines Hy-Vee with the Clintons and cautioning America against entrusting it’s fate to a rookie.

During a mid-day rally in Davenport, Magic Johnson said the more he
practiced, the better he got at basketball and Johnson went on to
suggest Clinton rival Barack Obama was a “rookie” who shouldn’t be
entrusted with the presidency.

“We do not want somebody in there that is young or a rookie at
politics,” Johnson said. “We want somebody in there that knows what
they’re doing because this job is so huge.”

Magic, Magic, Magic…how SOOOOOON we forget.

YOU of all people should know about the power of an amazingly talented rookie.

Let us take a step back into the time machine, shall we?

May 16, 1980

As a matter of fact, let us allow the words of someone who is INTIMATELY familiar with that day and how it might be relative to this story.

There’s a short list of NBA names
that, when spoken, immediately evoke feelings of greatness of
near-divine proportions. For every 20 or so guys who have played in a
handful of All-Star Games in their careers, there’s one player whose
star shines brighter than the rest, a guy who fills the arenas on a
nightly basis. From the moment he stepped on the court in his first NBA
game in 1979, Earvin “Magic” Johnson was one of those players. But it
was one performance against my Philadelphia 76ers in the 1980 Finals
that forever placed Magic’s name among the true NBA legends.

Coming off his Michigan State
Spartans’ storied NCAA championship victory over Larry Bird and Indiana
State, the 6-foot-9 rookie point guard won over fans immediately with
his brilliant smile and colorful game. With the formidable Kareem
Abdul-Jabbar, who won his sixth and final Most Valuable Player trophy
that year, commanding the middle, Johnson delivered from day one,
averaging 18 points and 7.3 assists his first year. He was ultimately
eked out for Rookie of the Year by Bird, who just about single-handedly
resurrected a slumping Boston Celtics franchise.

Magic showed remarkable leadership
in steering the Los Angeles Lakers’ ship all the way to the 1980 NBA
Finals against us, a series we were slightly favored in. The world had
seen Magic perform superbly in crunch time of the NCAA tournament the
previous year. But there’s no stage like the NBA Finals, and he was
only 20 years old with two years of college and one NBA season under
his belt. Many had sensed greatness in Earvin, but a player has to
perform under the most pressure-filled conditions before he earns true
superstar status.

The series began pretty evenly,
with my personal highlight being in the fourth quarter of Game Four,
with us trailing 2-1 in the series. In what’s now become a pretty
well-documented move, I drove baseline, elevated, reached back behind
the backboard with the ball and emerged on the opposite side of the
basket to convert the layup. We ended up with a 105-102 win to tie the
series, and our confidence was riding high.

L.A. won Game Five to take a 3-2
series lead, but word dropped that Kareem wouldn’t make the trip to
Philly for Game Six, as his ankle sprain left him unable to run. We
were totally shocked to hear this news, and I remember our coach, Billy
Cunningham, saying he’d believe Kareem wasn’t playing only when the
game ended and he hadn’t seen him. But while we knew our backs were
still against the wall and that the Lakers would be tough even without
the big center, I’d be lying if I said our confidence didn’t jump a
notch or two upon hearing Kareem was out.

the eventual leading scorer in NBA history home in bed, we were
considerably bigger than L.A., so the Lakers were going to have to play
a different style of basketball for them to have a chance against us.
We didn’t know exactly what to expect, which made them unpredictable
and dangerous, as evidenced by the fact that Magic jumped center for
them to start out the game. I remember Earvin smiling at center court
moments before anyone else was in position, trying to decide how to

With Darryl Dawkins and Caldwell
Jones manning our inside, we might’ve been bigger than the Kareem-less
Lakers, but with Magic pushing the break flanked by Jamaal Wilkes, Norm
Nixon, Spencer Haywood and Michael Cooper, they were significantly more
athletic than us. Their up-tempo strategy paid off in the first half,
as we headed into the locker room deadlocked at 60-60, a halftime score
you don’t see too often anymore.

While we were somewhat surprised
at how the Lakers were hanging with us without Kareem in Philadelphia,
you can only imagine how we felt when L.A. opened the third quarter
with a 14-0 explosion. Aided by Wilkes’s career game of 37 points and
10 rebounds, Magic never let us back into the game, passing, rebounding
and shooting his way to 42 points, 15 boards, seven assists and three
steals–on the road, no less. The Lakers won the game, 123-107, and
thus the NBA championship.

Earvin turned in what many
consider, myself included, the best performance ever in an NBA Finals
game. While I obviously would’ve preferred winning that game and then
the championship, at least I can look back 25 years later and say that
I saw the legend of Magic Johnson born first-hand.

The Lakers would go on to win four
more NBA titles in the ’80s, none of which would have come without the
6-foot-9 point guard with the huge smile and an even bigger game.

So, um, yeah…Magic might not be the best person to preach experience over talent.

Can’t wait to see who steps up tomorrow.

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Stevie Wonder can see what the Clintons are doing now…

As if the Pavlovian Cocaine references of last week weren’t enough, now we have Former Senator Bob Kerrey getting his ill subliminal (c) Q-Tip on.

After the event, he mused about her chief competitor, Sen. Barack Obama.

fact that he’s African American is a big deal. I do expect and hope
that Hillary is the nominee of the party. But I hope he’s used in some
way. If he happens to be the nominee of the party and ends up being
president, I think his capacity to influence in a positive way without
spending a penny the behavior of a lot of underperforming black youth
today is very important, and he’s the only one who can reach them.” (wtf is he talking about here? get back on message, Bob, you are WAYYYY out of your element.)

Kerrey continued, “It’s probably not something that appeals to him,
but I like the fact that his name is Barack Hussein Obama, and that his
father was a Muslim and that his paternal grandmother is a Muslim.
There’s a billion people on the planet that are Muslims and I think
that experience is a big deal.” He added, “He’s got a whale of a lot
more intellectual talent than I’ve got as well.”(uhh, yeah, i can’t imagine him saying ANY Thing as stupid as what you said 12 seconds ago. No wonder we haven’t heard from you in this millenium.)

He veered back to Clinton: “She does inspire my confidence. She can
do the job. In my view she’s the complete package.” Kerrey was reminded
that his 1992 bid for the Democratic nomination — the year Bill
Clinton won — came two years into his Senate tenure, just like Obama.
In retrospect, he said his lack of experience “turned out to be very
important…I didn’t win, you may have noticed.” But he added, “Obama’s
got the sort of experiences that are much different from mine.”

You have got to be kidding me.

I confess that on my best day, I was a rank amateur as a political operative. I was too pragmatic to be much of an idealist, and too idealistic to be strictly about my business. I spent way more time second guessing myself and not nearly enough time making up my mind which way to do things.

Clearly, the Clinton campaign has no such issues.

The plan, in case Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Ronnie Milsap, and the Blind Boys of Alabama aren’t available to explain it to you, is this:

Dispatch anyone with:

a: any kind of political pedigree they don’t mind prostituting


b: a penis

out into the highways and byways throwing up whatever buzzwords they can to distract the good, wholesome, leery of politricks Iowans in the most passive aggressive way possible, while allowing Senator Clinton to amble up to the moral high ground in her Hill-o-copter and play dumb.

and as the word said:

Billy Shaheen begat Mark Penn,
and Mark Penn begat Bill Clinton,
And Bill Clinton begat Bob Kerrey

I would throw Andrew Young in the mix, but his remarks were just too absurd to really give any kind of weight to.

So now we wait to see who Bob Kerry will beget.

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