Honoring Bravery

Before you hear from me, you have to hear from Jocelyn. 

I tried to Pull out a quote or two to lure you…but I can’t.

You need to Go over there and hear from her. 



I am a person who lives consistently by the credo “the devil is in the details”

That is: I believe that buried in the details of every story are Valuable nuggets of information that lends depth and vision to a story and gives the reader a chance to immerse themselves into stories and find necessary truths and understandings.

Thus, I spend my existence wallowing in life’s gory details.

Except for one critical instance.

I am not someone who makes a Habit of Delving deeply into the Details of sexual assault. I believed that the mere notion of sexual assault was Lurid and vivid enough to make delving into the details unfortunate and…Plain Rude.


I do not believe that anymore.


Over the past year or so, I have found actually making a point to press through the Details of the stories of rape and abuse suffered by people, particularly women, some of whom I know.

Each story moves me closer to rage…but more importantly closer to consistent action.


A friend posted a particularly Personal story and I read it.  Pressing through what is still a natural impulse to eschew the details and focus on support.


My desire is to honor bravery like hers by Making Educating my sons about how they can stop rape.

My plea is that you, as men please do what you can to help on that journey.

One comment

  1. Spinster

    Just went over there. WOW. Lots to say but been dealing with a bad headache for the past few hours.

    Thanks for sharing, and thank you for committing to ensuring that your sons stop rape.

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