21 Day JFC: Day One Recap

The hardest part of disciplining yourself food wise is to resist your instincts.  As a creature of habit who consumes mass amounts of Carbs and grains I had to go out and buy all new stuff. I had to throw away stuff I hadn’t planned to not consume for 3 weeks, because I KNEW that I would rationalize it into my belly on some “don’t waste it” steez.

Due to cash flow concerns I am literally buying food day by day, which means I am in the grocery store daily.

Not a good look.


But yesterday went well.  I am already hungry and my body is Hunting for PastryMuffinDonutish goodness. *grabs water*

Day One, Meal One

Turkey on Whole Wheat Bread with Honey Dijon Mustard ( It cannot be a naughty spread with 10 Calories, can it?)

Oikos Black Cherry Greek Yogurt

20 oz Water.

Day One Meal Two

Meatball Hoagie on Marinara (Foot Long)

8 oz Juice

20 Oz  Water


18 oz Fruit Salad

32 Oz Water

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