The one where Ink writes about everything but what he is thinking about the most

I am most successful as a writer when what I am writing about is the most important thing on my mind. The ability to Plunge a syringe into your brain and withdraw the foremost passions and thoughts only to inject them onto the page is the literary equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel.

But what do you do when what is foremost on your mind is sacrosanct.


What do you do when your primary thoughts are everything that cannot be spread to anyone, neither the elites nor the huddled masses?

What do you do when the thoughts you most think are toxic to the air?

What do you do when even the benign thoughts in your realm are susceptible to infection by the virus that is your most primary thoughts?

What happens when the thoughts foremost in your mind cloud your ability to Conjugate your verbs forge agreement with your subjects?


What do I do?


I write about writing about it. It was the first lesson I learned in dealing with writer’s block. Write about how you can’t write what is most pressing until something you can write about becomes more important.




  1. annette_b

    But by not writing about the thing that’s foremost in your mind, doesn’t that render you less successful than you could be, based on your assertion that “I am most successful as a writer when what I am writing about is the most important thing on my mind”? Why wait until something else pops up that may not be as compelling as the Foremost Thing? Why not write about The Thing? Isn’t that what so many great writers do? Push past fear of judgment, comdemnation, ridicule, disgust, whatever, etc. and put down on the page that Foremost Thing. Understandably, if someone else is involved that’s a different story, but in addition to siphoning out what’s in the brain, isn’t the objective to also share what’s in the heart? And touch the readers hearts, in some way or another, as well as their minds?

  2. kenal

    You are doing the correct exercise or the best possible thing to do, which is continuing to write. I by far do not consider myself an author, but I write poetry and music of whatever I believe that my thoughts lead me to share of express to others. Continue to write, that is what I also do when I cannot find the right words to put down.

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