The Rumors of Black Love’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

As I move towards the finality of my divorce, I seem to be surrounded with a lot of last rites on Black Love.

I am going to Leave aside the nebulosity of the Notion of “Black Love”(if you need validation for the concept of “Black Love” Might I suggest you go amuse yourself elsewhere)

Black Love is real. It is the natural evolution of our most powerful emotion blended with the supernatural strength that comes with Overcoming centuries of dehumanizing conditions meant to strip us of all dignity to make us worthy only of the chattel we were intended to be.

I understand that this is difficult for those who don’t share that heritage. To you I say…get more Black friends and do more listening than talking. Again with the explanations…back on topic.

What has to be remembered is that there is a distinct difference between Black Love and Black Man – Black Woman relationships.

Black Love is an emotional state between Two Black People.

It Will not Die

It Cannot die.


The Issues between Black Men and Black Women, OTOH, are here. They are real and they are growing.


Focus on that, please. And let Black Love live. Still.

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