When Twitter was Ours

I have been pondering  Twitter for a few months now.  For me, its potential feels realized, but not in the way I had hoped.  When I first started using Twitter with any regularity, George W. Bush was still the president and I literally knew 1 person who used twitter with any frequency.

The media hadn’t discovered Twitter and it was where we used to go and hide out and talk about People when they weren’t looking.

Celebrities on twitter were quiet, if there at all.

Then The media found out about Twitter.

Then the Revolution came.  and another.  and another.

Twitter got bigger and bigger…And Less and less of a refuge.

What made Twitter unique was that you could say whatever you wanted on Twitter from anywhere.  You didn’t have to wait until you got home to post on your blog.  Something happened and you tweeted your thoughts.  If people liked what you thought They RT’d you and you would get a bit of shine. Woo-hoo.

At the end of the day, regardless of How many Followers you have, 140 characters is 140 characters.

Rashard Mendenhall muses openly about the Trutherism.

So?   This is the internet…where Trutherism was BORN and LIVES.

Tashard Choice catches feelings because to Catch a Predator.

He wasn’t alone.  TCAP is a Twitter institution.  God only knows why, but it is…and thats fine.

Rashard Mendenhall and Tashard Choice didn’t say ANYTHING that I don’t see alllllllllllll over my timeline all the time. And Trust me, I keep my timeline TIDY, folks.

So We have to drag him out in the public square and flog him and…Pauses for effect…question is he Deserves to work?


Stop that.

Before I start Diving in your timelines and Making your life miserable.

Celebrities are getting in trouble for saying what People

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