Been Around The world

I got up in plenty of time, but didn’t put nearly enough time into making this blog post work.


Real Quick though:


  1. when Charlie Sheen gets off that Charlie Sheen and gets on that Carlos Estevez…yall let me know.  I got no time for Charlie Sheen and even LESS with the media’s determination to cake up off of him and anything else to obscure whats REALLY going on in this country.
  2. I see Lasers has leaked and the hate is flowing like anti-union fever in the Republican Party.  If you like Lupe Fiasco, Buy it and pretend its Enemy of the State.
  3. Tonight on The Black Odd Couple I am joined by Wise Math, of course, but more importantly by my good Friend Deesha Philyaw and will be discussing “Write Your Damned Book Proposal Already”
  4. Mike Huckabee needs to stop speaking for me…and my people. TODAY.
  5. Some of my people need to stop worrying about who is marrying whom and worry about their own marriages…but thats a whole Other issue.
  6. I am in love. Don’t particularly care who knows.  Pardon the spring in my step.


  1. Tyrone M.

    We stopped worrying about Libya but we know all of the Charlie Sheen quotes. This is what we’re putting up with.

    Re: point #5: float, float on…

  2. annette_b


    RE: # 3 – Is there something you want to tell us ??! 🙂
    RE # 6: – I’m glad for you that you’ve found a new love. Hope your relationship blossoms and flowers just like the coming spring…!

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