51 Weeks Later

In forty years of life, few accomplishments are as noteworthy as a full calendar year of The Black Odd Couple.

Doing The Black Odd Couple established my ability to successfully work with another Black man.

It Helped me overcome an enduring dissatisfaction with the sound of my own Voice.

It enabled me to stick to my guns and complete a task solely on my own.

I was able to DO something about my dissatisfaction with the Media.  I BECAME the media and discussed what I thought was important.


If you read this blog with any regularity, I hope you join Wise and me every Wednesday night 9pmET/8CT




  1. annette_b

    You and your partner cover a lot of ground on your broadcast. Even though I’m not a fan of rap music, at all, I found myself enjoying your picks. I can’t share what seemed to be your appreciation for Mark Twain though. I read once where he was unabashedly racist and I’ve been tuned out to anything written by him ever since then. I find it hard to consider his writing in any positive light, regardless of whatever literary merit there might be. Couldn’t hang til the end ’cause it was getting past my bedtime, but I like listening to radio broadcasts, so I’ll definitely be checking in.

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