Hot in these Tweets in 7 easy steps

I was actually in the process of skipping out to work without blogging when I spied some unfortunateness on my Twitter Timeline.  It seems some random dude has decided that women who are a size 12 or larger are somehow fat…or some such foolishness.

What followed was the obligatory righteous indignation, and by righteous, I mean they are indeed right to be indignant.


So I pulled out my invisible Pom Poms and cheered on the paladins of righteousness…


then 10 minutes passed and it was still going on.


At that point I decided that it would me more constructive to Blog about it instead.


As someone who studies Social Media and its trends, I found it interesting that someone with so few followers was having such a significant impact on the Timeline this morning.

This begs a few questions…


What is this REALLY about?


Is what he said THAT provocative? New? Controversial?


Of Course not. Folks have been bashing overweight women, or in this case, women who aren’t even overweight, since forever.


Is is the messenger?


Can’t be.  He isn’t even Internet Famous.


What is it then, oh Social Media Savant?

Appears that there is a perfect storm gathering…

  1. Derogatory tweet that inspires group derision about a topic often surrounded by ignorance.
  2. People take turns Unloading their Righteous indignation…
  3. Onlookers stroll by seeing a small crowd gathered around a topic and instantly get curious
  4. folks like to talk about what everyone else is talking about, so they jump in…
  5. The power of Exponents take hold and It is on and popping from there on out.
  6. now that a significant crowd has deveoloped…here come the contrarians who bemoan the fact that this is a significant topic of conversation by…Conversing about it.
  7. Steps 4-6 wash, rinse and repeat.

And There you have it folks.


The details of the topic aren’t even important…in the absence of another topic…This is how to get  hot in these Tweets.


In the Two hours I have been working on this…The Topic STILL has legs, I have washed and dried a load of clothes, my ass, Put my uniform on…and Am ready for work.


AND I wrote my first Blog post of the year.  Happy New Year, folks.



  1. annette_b

    Now this person will think they’re becoming Internet Famous and start tweeting all KINDS of foolishness and ridiculousness. UGH !!

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  3. ph2072

    Hilarious! I never had a list in my mind, but if I DID have a list, this would be EXACTLY how I’d describe “being hot in these tweets” in 7 steps. Thanks for reminding me that I clearly haven’t missed anything during my vacation. 😉

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