15 Minutes on the power of momentum

The hardest part about blogging is never the first day back.

The hardest part about blogging is the second day back.  The second day back is so hard that it can often pre-empt the first day.

What enables a blogger to press forward?

Comments like this one:

It’s good to see you back again. Yes, I do know how long ago Sept 9th was, because I come by this site everyday. Don’t know what it is that’s challenging you, but please know that you are not alone and there are people that you don’t even know who wish you well and pray for your strength; who feel your absence when you’re MIA. Stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, and continue to fight the good fight. I hope to see you here again soon….  – Annette B.

If that doesn’t make you wanna get your ass up and keep grinding, what will?  One of the things that motivates any blogger honest enough to say so is Blog comments.

Getting people to go to your Blog is hard enough.  Getting them to Go there…and feel compelled to actually comment? It’s like adrenaline in your veins.

I got that comment at 11:02 am.  At that very moment, it was without a doubt that I would be right back here today, If only to say Thank you.

I speak for bloggers everywhere when I say that people who comment on blogs are special and wonderful people who are second only to People who pay people living wages to blog things that they are passionate about.

Blog Trolls?  Fuck y’all.  Seriously.  A Hobby would do wonders for you.  A few Suggestions from me, gratis

Arsenic Testing

Traffic Triathalon

Arson Aerobics

Poisonous Phallic Consumption

Competitive Suicidal Feces Eating

Comment Spammers?  Just…stop, please.  Stop or join the Trolls in a new hobby.


  1. kiphampton

    Spot-on, Ink.

    What distinguishes a true blogger from an above-average writer with a blog account is their engagement with their commenters. I don’t mean that a good blogger has to respond to every random comment, but you can tell when someone is trying to have a conversation and when they are just trying to be a one-way broadcaster. In the end, I think it comes down to the basic respect that grows out of simply listening and being listened to.

  2. annette_b

    So very glad that you’re feeling encouraged to press on. Now that you’re past that second day, I look forward to seeing what you have to share tomorrow and the next day. Never mind the haters. That’s just a bump in the road. A lot of them can’t connect the way you do in just ’15 minutes’ if they stay at their keyboards all morning or all night.

    Your blog is very different from a lot of what’s out there, which may be why you don’t yet have as wide a readership as you’d like. This is intelligent humor, not frat boy funny. Your posts are more substantial than superficial. A bit esoteric, subtle. You eschew the day’s headlines for matters closer to the heart. It may take a bit longer for the word to spread and for your particular audience to find you. But if this is your vision, stand fast. We’ll be here.

  3. Shani

    Well d@mn, I felt compelled to reply, even though this post is old 🙂 I came by your site through Creole in DC, and like a lot of what you’ve written. I forwarded one of your posts to one of my best friends, hoping she would start the journey to figure out who she is (writing her manual).

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