Where IS the Daddy Track, anyway

The Daddy Cycle is the working title of the book that lurks in my head.  As I attempt to get it out…occasionally I will run to this blog to jot down some notes and thoughts.  Since the book isnt ready.  This is the Mixtape. 



So, I was randomly tweeting with Twittette extraordinaire @whymelawd on the subject of Tony Dungy commenting on Reggie Bush and what he should do with his Heisman Trophy. 

The substance of what she said for the purposes of this particular post revolve around her assertion that most professional coaches’ fathering skills left something to be desired because of the Nature of those Fathers building long-standing relationships outside of the home. 

This was in response to my assertion that there were many fields in which men sacrifice a more intimate fathering experience in exchange for more success at work. 

This sent me down the rabbit hole of The Daddy Track

Sure there are articles like THIS one that discuss the paths certain men are taking to allow themselves time to spend with their children, but I am wondering if, in fact, Such a world  really exists. 

Is the Daddy Track REAL?

Or is it the Mommy Track for Humans with penises?

Is our culture REALLY expecting men to put family first…

not because they HAVE to, in the case of all of us Running our ass home to Grab Jr. or Janie from DayCare because our wives/SOs/CM are just as busy as the man is…

but because it is an ACTIVE choice. 

They look in the mirror and say, “Yanno, you could REALLY bust your ass out here and make partner…or you could just do your job and be home by 6.”

Is anyone REALLY making this choice. 


I’m asking.  Because I really want to know.


  1. Tyrone M.

    I struggle with this. I work my ass off until 6, sometimes later, sometimes many days in a row, but I do try to balance. Sometimes I shortchange myself to make that track work cause I’m the breadwinner. I’ve been ostracized for taking time off for Tyra’s birth and I left that job as soon as humanly possible. Where I am now is a far more supportive environment…you really gotta hunt hard to find a workplace that really believes in work-life balance.

  2. MommyLisa

    I have two girlfriends whose husbands stay at home with their kids. One of them cannot wait for the youngest to get into school so he can go back to work…the other I think LIKES being home with his kids. He seems content and family is pretty important to him. It sure does not sound like he is too eager to get back to a nine to five anyway.

  3. ThatTeowonna!

    Yes, there are some men doing that. They are the new men. There is plenty of research on the decrease of the ‘manly’ man and the increase of the ‘softer, more involved family’ man.

  4. Janna @ Best Red Dress

    I think that most men would much rather be at work than tending to the needs of little ones. I’m sure a lot of women would also. It’s a double edged sword. When a man wants to stay home we label him “Mr. Mom” and think he lacks ambition. When he doesn’t want to, we say he is distant. In the end one can only do their best for their family in their situation. Spend as much time as possible with your children while providing for them financially.


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