The Stench of Failure: When Writer’s Block Isn’t

It is said that 66% of blogs are in some varied state of abandonment. 

I thought about going back and inquiring as to just how many times I had abandoned this blog.  I decided that might embarrass me so much that I might re-abandon this blog in mid draft. 

As someone who has been guilty of this infraction, I know the feeling all too well. 

Many times Writer’s block comes while you sit and try to write one thing.  It sits on the keyboard and swats away your inspiration like Mutumbo and then waves that long ET-esque finger at you. 

Then it’s gone. What remains is the Stench of failure. 

The SoF is the nagging suspicion that you are wasting your efforts.  Sweating pools of blood that morph into subjects and predicates destined to be read by YOU.

and ONLY you.

Link it up and tweet it up and Market it all you like…No one reads it…So the next time, the burn to write is dampened. 

The Stench of Failure has whooshed in and tempered the burn to write.

The Stench of Failure Pervades everything a writer attempts until he/she finds peace with his vocation/passion, in all its solitude and potential futility.

You don’t beat the Stench of Failure until you stop obsessing over BlogStats.  The only blogs visisted less than my blog is my blog with no new posts in the past three months. 

Calling it writer’s block shifts your focus away from the true culprit. 

Blaming Writer’s Block for the work of the Stench of Failure is the equivalent of the FBI harrassing Richard Jewell and letting Eric Rudolf get  away. 


Stop worrying about page hits and write.

Stop tripping off how many comments you get and write.

Stop whining about how Click whoring Bloggers are ruining the game and WRITE.

And most importantly…

Stop eavesdropping on me when I’m writing blog posts to myself.


  1. @wizardofoz321

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been suffering from the stench of failure for a while, and it’s become even more pronounced over the past few days. I have ideas for a new blog but figure “What’s the point? No one will listen.” Add to that the other things you mentioned about the stench of failure, and that’s me in a nutshell.

    I hope to get it together by the end of the year. 😐

    Thanks for this post. I need(ed) it.

  2. kimmiepooh

    I needed to read thing. I did a post yesterday and it was the 1st in over a month. I’ve been wondering what’s the point bc I have no idea who, if anyone is reading it. When your own friends won’t acknowledge your work (but u constantly see them doing it for others) it gets frustrating. But then I had to remember that I started blogging for me, no one else so if they don’t read, its not a blog meant for them. I did another post today and I feel my writing mojo coming back 🙂

  3. Petey

    The stench of your own failure. That’s the phrase that googled me here. I’ve been wallowing in it for some time now. After having pushed myself to exhaustion time and again, trying to write that computer code, trying to get that result, trying to get back into shape (again). And now, pushing forty, still living at my parents with an expanding waistline, with barely a penny to my name, it doesn’t seem worth it anymore. I tried my hand at writing, I even picked up the guitar. There’s a whole pile of equipment sitting right next to me. I play them everyday, but I don’t want to start unsuccessfully trying to flog my mediocre music the same way I’ve been trying to flog my mediocre science. At least people write comments on your blog. Somebody’s reading.

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