Another Day begun, Another Hiatus ended

IM not about to make pronouncements as to what the end of THIS hiatus will hold for anyone.

I will merely say that more than enough has changed in my life to warrant me to give this personalized Blogging thing a stab once again. 

It’s been almost three years since I Snuffed out the GovtName Blog and picked up this moniker. 

During that time, I spent more time getting my Pundit on than I did waxing personal.

Evan as my life got more and more interesting I wrote about it less and less. 

The Less I wrote about it, the more I NEEDED to write about it.

And now look at me. 

Here.  Doing This.  Again.

That never say never shit is real folks. 

Editor’s Note: yes.  Cryptic and enigmatic.  Stick around or Get around.  I will love you all the same.


  1. Jonzee

    what’s up sir? I hope you, the little you’s, and that lovely Soror of mine that had the good grace to marry you are well. Good to see you writing again. Maybe its time for me to actually post something on the website…crapadoodle.

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