Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t (Reconsidered)

“At some point you gotta be a man before you’re a sports fan” – Steve White on @

So, here we are.

Czar Roger, protector of the Shield, ruler of the Sports Universe, Has spoken.

Six games at home, Mandatory evaluation and Counseling…Blah, blah, Blah.

(Blah blah blah??? – That shit is IMPORTANT, man.  WTF is wrong with you, Dude?)

Yes Conscience, you’re right.  This IS  important.  But let’s not be confused.

The goal here isn’t REALLY fixing Ben Roethlisberger.  The list of people concerned about Ben’s viewpoint about consent and his gender issues is far shorter than the list of people concerned about when he is going to get on the field, and for whom.

(And for WHOM?  What are you saying? Are they gonna trade him? Cut him?)

Before I move on…I’d like to Go ahead and excuse those of you who don’t care about football.  This is about to get pretty Pigskin-centric.

Here are some things to understand about this.

Like it or not, Ben is a commodity first.  FIRST.

The goal here is NOT to “FIX” Ben.  The goal is to stop him from embarrassing us.

No one is going to SAY that.  That’s inhuman.

You ever watch football? Not exactly a sterling example of Humanity, is it?

The goal here is to LITERALLY keep his dick in his pants and him out of bathrooms/hotel rooms/Casinos.

Exactly how difficult this is going to be for Ben is not exactly knowable.

My personal guess is that basically we are merely socializing his Dumb Jock ass and several weeks of actual attention being paid to his behavior, along with the stigma that should accompany being outted as what basically amounts to a sex offender should slow his roll completely. At least as it applies to recidivism.

(Football, man..what about the FOOTBALL?)

Right.  Football.

So, The question of the day is Will the Steelers trade Ben today or not?

Not that the question is NOT do they WANT to trade Ben.

I think all right thinking Steelers Fans are pretty much done with Ben.

Is he an elite QB? Yes.

Is he probably just now reaching the Peak of his career? Yes

Is his future brighter than his past? Y..uhhhhhhh <—See?  exactly

What gets lost in all this is that the there is a real possibility that “Fixing Ben between the ears* may Break Ben between the hashmarks.  The hallmark of his game is a certain disregard for the safe call.

See: Man vs. Winshield- 2006

The bottom line is the only way the Steelers move him NOW is if they get comparable value.

Word is the Raiders wanted to give up #8 for Ben, but they also wanted the Steelers #18 overall pick.

*pauses to let you calculate*

The Steelers give up a two time SB champion QB AFTER they’ve  paid all the guaranteed $ out to move up 10 picks in the draft? Lets not get carried away, now.

Bottom line, The Steelers didn’t get where they are giving Players away. Not even ones they don’t really want.   Most of this Furor is Stoked by ESPN to gin up interest in their Prime time Broadcast.

The Steelers have an irrational Offer on the table.

They are likely receiving unacceptable offers in return.


For my money,  The Steelers take The Center from Florida at #18 and keep it moving.


One comment

  1. careycarey

    My man,

    Yes, I am late, but it’s better late than…

    I just dropped by to see what was on your mind. I see sports is huge with you. That’s a good thing.

    Oh, I noticed that you don’t have a large blogroll. I like that. It speaks the the host of a blog. Well, I only assign blogs to my blogroll that I read on a daily basis. Dressing to impress never impressed me.

    Hey, I did notice that co-parenting 101 is on your blogroll, and so is This So-called Post-Post Racial Life. Man, I’ve “known” those women for several years. Both of them are great writers, and very intelligent.

    It’s a small world.

    ~CareyCarey …

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