Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t

No, I didn’t watch it.

I had no intention to.

I would no more go to ABC to listen to Steve Hightower, Kevin Powell’s best buddy, Harvard Smurf,  A member of the Flat Earth Society, and The future Mrs. J. Anthony Brown talk about the plight of Black women and their dating choices than I would go listen to Antonio Cromartie, Ben Rothlisberger, Travis Henry and Rae Carruth discuss the value of Chastity as a professional Football Player.

Yeah…That was Inappropriate. But So is the show.

What is especially maddening about the idea is the shamelessness with which the game can be peeped.

Basically the perception in the media is that if you REALLY wanna get Black women’s attention, insult them.

They HATE that.  But you’ll get their attention.

They will rant.  They will rave.  But they will Watch.  and the word of mouth will set in and their friends will watch.

Ted Koppel Must be Rolling over in the Grave he doesn’t occupy just yet.  From the ongoing coverage of the Iran Hostage Crisis to…This?

But as long as you watch…Does it REALLY matter what gets said?


  1. Stank-0

    Kim, the numbers here are ratings. Until we are done done with this issue it will continue to resurface it is ratings gold.

    Instead of tuning in and getting mad, go to twitter or turn it off!

  2. saga

    I watched. The entirety (not the 30 minute incendiary tease that ABC actually aired). The long show isn’t as bad as the teaser. Jimi Izrael kept his horns tucked (but he did get a couple WTF looks and boos from the audience). Steve Harvey didn’t sound like your old Uncle Larry who’s been stepping out on Aunt Mildred so long without her knowing it, that he’s caught up in his own ISH. Ok, actually he did a lil….

    But it wasn’t bad. I actually learned something. Hill Harper tried to get at Sherri Shepard!

    I keed. I learned that men want women that still have faith/hope in men. Painfully obvious, but I needed a reminder.

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