15 minutes on What scares the crap out of me.

I am by my nature, a difficult person to scare.  I am a father of three small to medium boys with a wife whos is as prone to shreiks of fear as she is feats of amazing mental and spiritual (and occasionally physical) strength.

As such, I dont let much shake me.

Except one thing.

The prospect of waking up at the Dawn of the Congressional Christmas break without National Health Care reform Scares the shit out of me.

But Why NOW?  Health care in the US is the best in the world?  (you.  Shut up.)

Ok, maybe not the best but do you REALLY want the alternative?

The alternative to WHAT?  ANOTHER decade of being shut out of the health care market because I have a job where I am largely paid by strangers?

Here is a secret, boys and girls…A deep, dark secret that I am taking this opportunity to share with all of you.

My youngest son has been diagnosed with sickle cell anemia.  This is a fact that my wife and I knew was a very real possibility when we got married, so we didn’t really plan to have children.  TFMI also had the sickle cell trait (as do Mrs. Ink and Me), so after rolling the dice successfully twice before…I wasn’t really interested in having more children, for 1000 reasons.  Mrs. Ink just plain didn’t want kids.

But alack and alas, here we are.  with a child who has a serious hereditary disease (how serious? The boy qualifies for Make-a-wish) and Faces a LIFETIME of medical challenges in order for him to lead a normal life.

TODAY, He is under my wife’s insurance, who as a school teacher for a large urban district in Texas, has PRETTY good insuance which is only affordable provided SHE is the only one on it.

The notion of me joining her on her insurance apparently is unpalatable to the good taxpayers of Texas, because that would send her monthly premium up 600%.  Adding the boy only raised it 400%, what a bargain.

Here is the hook, My wife would like NOTHING better than to step out of the Classroom and retire to run our family business full time.

Fat effin chance of that happening until Health Care reform passes.  So we wait. and watch. and pray.

Pray with us and for us, please.


  1. mcbias

    Tough story, Ink; and sadly, this story isn’t as unique as I wish it was. I just really don’t know what reform will work, but something has to happen…

  2. JUS_chillin

    First i would like to say i am sorry to hear bout ur situation,secondly my prayers goes out to u & ur family.Also,there r SO many people in similar situations *raises hand* who really need Health Care reform to pass.Again,my prayers r with u & i really thank you for sharing ur story.

  3. Jonzee

    Well, dear. I am sorry to hear that, but if any two people can handle it and handle it well it is the two of you.

    I got you and my soror at the top of my prayer list.

  4. Rick

    Great blog.

    I’m with you on the health care initiative. I was unemployed most of last year, and couldn’t afford COBRA (who the hell can pay $1,000/mo for a family plan when they don’t have a job?).

    I think it’s an embarassment that in this wealthy country, ANYONE has to go without health care and a roof. We treat prisoners better than that.

  5. Andrew

    Hey Just found the blog and this particular entry struck a cord. My family and I are now digging ourselves out from under quite a bit of depth IN PART b/c we both went freelance in the beginning of 08. We thought we and the kids were pretty healthy – we can get our own health care – slam DUNK. Maybe my wife woul have to do without (the fact that this didn’t bug is says something about our expectations as a country I guess) due to some medical issues but surely I and the kids (3 and 7 at the time) could get on somethin right?

    Nope. My youngest had been in the hospital overnight at 2 for a minor skull fracture. So nobody would cover him b/c he had been in the hospital. So he AND my wife were out. The only way my youngest gets health care would be COBRA through my old job. My wife was promised some health care through her freelance gig which unsurprisingly didn’t happen. And like idiots I guess, we paid cobra and found ourselves – well use Ricks dollar amount and figure it out. We also found ouit that in the state we lived in, our kids needed to have NO coverage for 90 days to be able to get state health care. Which was a pretty scary period of time.

    Iguess my point is, my sympathies Ink. My prayers and thoughts. I hope that you and your family can get through all this. And I pray – for you,me and millions like us all – that our country does something soon.

  6. dfi

    hi Ink Sorry to hear about your health problems hopefully this might help you find a cure


    at the bottom of the store is a cd about Sickle cell

    and here is a short description of the authors other book:-

    Afrikan Holistic Health

    Have you noticed that every time that you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, read any newspaper or magazine that people of Afrikan descent are suffering on every level – spiritually, mentally, physically and financially? Black people lead all medical statistics for dis-eases and surgeries: STRESS, PREMATURE BIRTHS and DEATHS, so-called HIV/AIDS, DIABETES, SICKLE CELL ANEMIA, OBESITY, LUPUS, FATIGUE, GLAUCOMA, PMS, HEART ATTACKS, LEUKEMIA, TUBAL LIGATIONS, HYSTERECTOMIES, along with CANCER of all sorts – BREASTS, PROSTATE, COLON, FIBROIDS … Why do we give health such a low priority in our lives, and how are we going to correct these situations in order to claim our BIRTHRIGHT – PERFECT HEALTH?

    Everything you need to know in being healthy is the wholistic approach: “Nature is the first drugstore”, “Let your medicine be thy food and your food be thy medicine”, and that “ALL HEALTH CARE IS SELF-CARE!”

    “The philosophy of holistic health emerges from ancient African roots. It was the spiritual umbrella for civilizations cradled by a continent endowed with the richest resources in the world. This way of life, however, was interrupted by the imposition of slavery on peoples of African descent. While there has been more literature on the many areas of black life that 300+ years of bondage has taken a devastating toll, we seem to overlook the effect it has had on our nutritional need. Today, due to mass European commercialism, we have allowed our bodies to become human garbage disposal. Technology has made it possible for us to consume anything with flavor cooked at record breaking speeds. The rat race has made us ignore our nutritional need while we remain preoccupied with tailoring our lives to European standards.

    Now as we begin to balance ourselves between African cultural enlightenment and mainstream edification, many of us are pursuing healthier lives through natural ways of dieting, exercising, and treating ailments. AFRICAN HOLISTIC HEALTH by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, is the first major book that addresses these issues from a comprehensive Afro-centric viewpoint. It provides a complete guide to herbal remedies along with homeopathic dis-ease treatments. What makes AFRICAN HOLISTIC HEALTH truly unique is the research Dr. Afrika has provided on the physiological and psychological differences between people of African ascent versus people of European descent. In addition, Dr. Afrika provides a complete history (from the 9th century to the 18th century) of the European herb and drug trade and why Europe invaded Africa for healing plants. Finally, he concludes by detailing how European dis-eases defeated ancient Africa.

    After reading AFRICAN HOLISTIC HEALTH, you’ll learn about holistic sex laws, self diagnosis, dis-ease treatments, the danger of commercial foods and much more. But the most important lesson learned in this book is the concept of holistic health. Holistic health is concerned with the proper daily maintenance of the body, mind and spirit. Any nutritional approach or undertaking of treating ailments must holistically take into account these three aspects of our being.

    Therefore, although AFRICAN HOLISTIC HEALTH is written from an Afro-centric viewpoint and appropriately condemns European commercialism, people of European descent as well of African descent will find that this book is the one of few to healing their bodies.

    “All people, regardless of nationality, can use this as a reference guide to healthy living.”

    – Baba Dick Gregory – Activist, Author & Nutritionist

    Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it. ~ Malcolm X ~

    Peace and good health

  7. The NFL Chick

    Ink, I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s condition. I totally agree, something has to be done, the premiums are outrageous nowadays.

    Great entry, I pray for your family and for the country to finally do something about our health care policies

  8. courtney1946

    Replying to “What Scares … ” – I’m so sorry your family is trapped in this health care nightmare. When I say I feel your pain, I mean it. At age 63, I’m just hanging on for Medicare at 65 – won’t bore you with details. You’ve heard it all before. Out so-called policymakers don’t realize the many expensive ways this lack of reasonable health care is hurting our country. It’s a lot more expensive (yes in $$, not just pain) than not dealing with it. (I hope I replied correctly – having computer issues.) My best wishes to all in your family, including you.

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