The Dawn of the Cal InkPen, Jr. Era

Woody Allen once said that 90 % of life was showing up. No one embodies that mantra more than Cal Ripken. Ripken played every game for the Baltimore Orioles for over 16 years without missing one game. After writing my first blog post in eons, I decided to invest myself into this blog full time.

As a writer, It is vital to…well…actually write. If I commit myself to this task, Hopefully it will revitalize my love for writing and not just reading…and will convince some of you folk to make this blog the haven of sense and sensibility I always intended.

After many stops and false-starts….So begins the new Inkognegro 2.0

(twice in one day can’t be a bad start)


  1. Sonja

    “90% of life is showing up” … I’ve been telling my kids that for years. And how true, how often we talk ourselves into not doing stuff … that would be beneficial.

    Welcome back.

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