Of Ends and Beginnings

For those of you who are around here often, you can see another step forward for me.

For those of you who are new, this is irrelevant to you…feel free to skip down to the dotted line next more recent post.

As for the rest of you, you can see I have upgraded this site one more time. Why? Because I can, and it was easy.

This will be the last blog update until I move this puppy over to Inkognegro.com.

When will that happen? As soon as I learn how and effectively do it. If you wish to aid and abet me in that process, feel free to let me know at inkognegro07(at)gmaildotcom.

So, that is ONE end and beginning.


Another End is the temporary end of my world as I have constructed it.

My life consists of the following:

Self – Me: my personal health; physical and mental well-being.

Family- 1 pregnant wife, 3 sons (1 in utero), 1 ex-wife+husband, 1 mother, 1 set of parents-in-law, assorted siblings on both sides and their offspring, random cousins, aunts, and uncles and a smattering of people I love but I am not actually related to.

God – Father, Son, Holy Ghost, in my case.

Work- A job that would ordinarily seem beneath me, but is custom made for my life and my long-term goals.

School- Community College, a means to an end; I have been on a long winding road from High School to College and that road is as well traveled now as it has ever been. I am closer now to a bachelor’s Degree than I have ever been.

Media –Media has been my life since I was old enough to read, I do not remember watching Television and not being able to read at least a portion of what was on the 25 inch black and white screen. From Dr. Seuss to Twitter; From the handheld transistor radio I used to listen to baseball games under my pillow at night in 1978 to the Laptop that I lug around from Class to class I have invested my entire life into consuming media. If someone asked me about a hobby, It would be consuming media.

Today That all changes.

For the next 7 days, I will be forsaking all forms of Electronic Media. The only reason I can continue to Blog in real time is because of the magic of MS Word 2007, which allows me to Blog as I am writing my journal for my class assignment.

If it is a book, magazine, newspaper or any other hand held printed item, I can read it.

Otherwise? No deal.

No Online-activity of any kind, aside from school related activities.

NO TV. No Radio. No pre-recorded music. No Movies. None.of.that.

Live music and Live theater are ok, because that involves interpersonal communication.

Everything else is out for the Next 7 days.

I am actually turning off Itunes right now and entering 7 days of near total silence from the outside world.

Pray for me.


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