In Which We Learn to be Careful What We Wish For

The sun set on today’s festivities with the parade drawing to a close. As a random major state university marching band gave way to a random high school marching band from an even more random state gave way to a random branch of our esteem (and may I hasten to add damned near broken) branch of the armed forces, I found that I had had enough pomp and circumstance and started peering behind the curtain of the elaborate show that had been put on in the interest of flaunting our nation’s seamless transition of power. Upon seeing not a whole hell of a lot other than the usual Event Planning stuff and a whole bunch of money that perhaps could have found a better purpose behind said curtain, I decided to get on with my day and ponder what tomorrow might bring.

I really wonder how much all those millions (and millions, (Johnson, D)) of people thought about what happens AFTER the party was over.

Yeah, you thought the ride here was a long time in coming…It hasn’t even gotten interesting yet.


Let there be NO question, folk.


The Stakes is HIGH. This is not a game where you can slide in one or two chips and think you are going to keep up with the pot. You better ante up like you want to win, or you’re just wasting your own time and everyone elses.


Barack Hussein Obama did not throw the life of three four wonderful Black Women/Girls into absolute turmoil for shits and giggles. He did that because he felt the call to serve this country at a time where CLEARLY we were in desperate need of change(hope, too).


The man sensed that we were ready NOW and jumped in 8-12 years ahead of any reasonable man’s timetable knowing full well the risks that came along with it.


He bet on US, not the other way around.


We need to not let him down.



Party up and sleep soundly folk…tomorrow starts the real work.



  1. serendipity hopeful

    Congratulations to President Obama and to all Americans.The peaceful and orderly transition of power is something you can rightly be proud of. Your ability to self-correct through the various stages of your nation’s history augur well for your future.

    As a foreigner who wants good things to happen in any and all parts of the world, I wish Americans will work more in harmony with their president. How successful Obama can be as American president will depend on how well his fellow-Americans can rein in their demands for their expectations to be satisfied.

    Keep the hopes alive.

  2. BiblioDiva

    I keep reading and hearing people say they’re so hopeful. My standard response is, You need to back that hope up with some actions. It is time to step up.

    I know that people are going to be surprised when he governs from the center. Some people are even going to be disappointed. BHO wants to get things done, and that’s going to require being in the center, not the left or the right.

    So, what are you doing to step up?

  3. K Nicole Jones

    I am always flabbergasted by folks who somehow expected he would do anything but govern from a center-left and sometimes right perspective. (If we were to draw one of those nifty circle diagrams to show where the majority of folks sit on issues–bet dollars to donuts the easiest place to find some synergies would be in the center.) His books, his speeches, and even all of those fabulous policy briefs that a wonk like me likes to read are at sometimes radical, at most times practical, and a few times not that much different (with the exception of suggested improvements on service delivery) than what how they already exist.

    Lets hope the passivity that has led the American public down such a slippery path has passed, and we will be actively engaged in the politics and public policy discussions in our neighborhoods and through out or country.

  4. Sonja

    Your post offers a savy view on the situation. Presidents are judged by how they govern, not how they win, and the country desperately needs leadership. Meanwhile, few of the citizenry consider how their decisions and actions effect the president and his responsibiliies. I still believe we get the gvoernment we deserve. Today the stakes are high, and I think at this point every reasonable person, no matter what their politics, is pulling for the POTUS. Do they realize that their actions can affect his? Maybe not. But they should.

  5. Dave

    Well K Nicole, Bibliodiva… and anyone else who insisted that we who saw he was a hardcore lefty were wrong, that he would govern from the center “to get things done”..

    How do ya like him now? 🙂

    He’s jamming unions down our throats, canceling school programs that allow poor black kids to go to nicer schools because the teachers’ union doesn’t like any kids NOT going to public school (except for Obama’s own kids, of course.. can’t have THAT.. so those two poor black kids who went to Sidwell Friends? go back to public school and get tats, kids, your trip to a better life is CANCELLED)…

    He’s printing enough currency to double the present amount (which will make each dollar worth 50 cents BEFORE the price hikes that always accompany inflation, so your $50 for the grocery store will be worth less than $25 soon)… he’s kissing the pimply butts of the dictators who are determined to kill us or force our submission, while he’s DISSING our allies, even the LIBERAL LEFTY Gordon Brown who came over here to kiss the Obamabutt and went home pissed at being publicly humiliated by an arrogant Obama.. I’m not sure there’s a single left wing policy he either hasn’t already implemented or has plans to implement..

    So where is this ‘center left, center, center right’ thing everyone predicted? it ain’t happenin.. and it won’t.. the dude was raised to be a communist, and he is one.. he’s the one who went to chicago to join up with that political machine, and it is not center in any way.. we all know that if Karl Marx wasn’t a white european he’d be gettin a lot more credit for inspiring black liberation theology.. Obama lived with white parents, went to private school, he’s got NOTHING in common with the American black person.. he doesn’t know, doesn’t care, he’s a communist first, last and in between. I know it sounds nuts, but consider… his momma was a communist, read all the stuff, taught it to barack before he went to school every morning.. her “friend” Frank Marshall Davis was a hardcore communist and a father figure to Barack.. (or a father, period.. maybe that’s why we ain’t seen that birth certificate)

    And the sad thing is, anybody who believed there is some cash in this thing for them? Obama’s doing what he does, being a lefty, destroying the economy so no rich folks can be powerful enough to oppose him in any real way… and destroying an economy means cutting back government revenue big time.. after all, government only has lots of money when business is MAKIN lots of money… it’s a percentage. If business is dead or dying, so’s government. Government don’t make any money, don’t produce anything… it only has money if it takes money from somebody else.. and if it takes too much, it kills that golden goose.. Obama looks like he wants that goose DEAD, sooner the better.

    and THAT means social programs are gonna wither on the vine. He won’t be able to afford ’em. He’s a communist first.. black folks don’t really mean much to him unless it gives him political power,.. once he’s got all the power he needs, he don’t need black people any more.

    Saddest part of all, it’s gonna take years for the people to learn this, and it will be too late.

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