Much Ado About Nothing


There is a big game tonight.  After fiddy-lebbin bowl games of varying importance, profitability, and entertainment value, tonight is what it all comes down to.  Two teams who might as well have been chosen at random have been selected to play for the national championship of Collegiate Sports.


The purpose of such an event is to determine a champion without ambiguity. To have the morning after arrive and everyone focus on the winner as the undisputed champion and everyone else acknowledge where they fell short and look to do better next year. There is a ceremony after the game with a big gaudy trophy and hastily made hats and shirts and NO ONE, except for the usual haters and die-hard fans who worship at the altar of the IfsandButs andShouldaWouldaCoulda gods, questions the result.


No matter what happens tonight, there will be no such finality.


TrojanFan and LonghornFan and even UteFan won’t even wait for the game to be over before announcing how if THEIR team has been screwed…yada yada sis boom bah.


And the season ends…Players go pro to be replaced by new players, the media asks if things will ever change and the College presidents hem and haw about how the system needs to be tweaked. Then before you know it, its time for spring ball and nothing changes.




College Football is an aristocracy and the status quo MUST be maintained.

A Playoff will enable schools like TCU, Boise, Utah and any other school that catches lightning in a bottle and roll up on one of the Lords of the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) and catch them on a neutral field slippin because their bigtime OT was caught talking to an agent in the Hotel gift Shop or some foolishness.

Then the Aristocrats will talk about how HARD the schedules are for the BCS conferences and how easy it is for the midmajors.

But no one will talk about how Aristocrats are too busy either scheduling each other or loading up on home games to bother to chase down a quality midmajor team…to play, much less go to THEIR house. And a to play a local Midmajor in their house? NEVER.


And why should they…they have nothing to gain and everything to lose.


It is the same thing with the BCS. The BCS conferences have NOTHING to gain from a playoff system. That’s why there won’t be one.


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