I got a Question

It’s serious as cancer.

What the hell isJesse White doing?

Nancy Erickson, the secretary of the Senate, rejected Burris’ appointment on Monday because Burris’ certificate of appointment was missing the signature of Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, an aide to the secretary said.

Rule 2 of the Standing Rules of the Senate states that the secretary of state must sign the certificate of election along with the governor.

White has declined to sign the certificate, siding with some Senate Democrats who say Burris should not be seated because of the cloud over Blagojevich.

Senate Democrats have said they would not seat Burris because he was appointed by Democratic Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is accused of scheming to sell the Senate seat.

The focus of all this Bullshit is on the wrong person.

Someone tell Jesse White to stop Hating and sign the damn appointment so his state can have TWO senators.

I will be shanking Mr. Secretary as soon as I get hold of what his angle is supposed to be.


  1. thepoliticalassistant

    Actually, none this happens without Blago…you simply can’t get in bed with someone so unethical as Burris has in this case. Illinois wants two Senators and it has a right to them. However, those Senators should be appointed ethically through a transparent process. I’m not mad at White for protecting the process, in fact, I think he has it right.

    Having said that, this appointment appears to be legit if that holds up, they have no choice, Blago is scum, but he’s still the Govenor….ugh!

  2. bibliodiva

    As offensive as it may be, Blago is still the one that has the right and responsiblity to appoint a new senator. And Jesse White has the same responsibility to sign the certification.

    Burris shouldn’t have come to DC without it. He knew the Senate wasn’t interested in letting him in, and Burris shouldn’t have given them any sort of opening.

    Besides, the Supreme Court has already decided this one. If the candidate meets the eligibility requirements, they have to be certified and seated.

    Seat Burris, give him some crappy committee assignments, and he can run again when the appointment is up.

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