The Gift that Keeps on Taking Away

So, apparently, Dude killed Momma, brother, and son, because she got a birthday gift from another man.

You cannot be serious.

On the morning of the murders, Balfour went to the Hudson home in Chicago’s struggling Englewood neighborhood, where Jennifer grew up singing in the church choir, and where her success and Oscar win are a source of community pride.

That’s where Balfour saw the birthday gift that he attributed to Julia’s alleged boyfriend and warned her again, Snow said.

Both left around 8:10 a.m., when Julia went to work as the three victims slept.

Balfour told detectives he went home on the train using a public transit card. But the card wasn’t used that day, Snow said, and Balfour didn’t turn up on security video taken at the train station. Instead, cell phone records place him near the Hudson house until about 9 a.m., by which time authorities say both Donerson and Jason Hudson had been killed. Donerson was shot in the living room. Jason was shot while still in bed.

Not that any motive would have brought sense to this tragedy, but the fact that the motive was this petty only makes me suspend my normal desire for the rule of law and turn to the kind of justice a Marsellus Wallace would mete out.

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