Getting back to business: Prop 8 and Black Folk

OK.  my vacation is over.



It is time to get down to business.


WRITE TNC (who I have been reading since he profiled a coworker and friend of mine in the Washington City Paper 14 yrs ago) has been all over the scapegoating of Black folk for the passing of Prop 8 in CA

Also…make sure to peep his comments.  His comments>> some folks whole blog existence.


The link inside that post are from an EXHAUSTIVE dailykos diary post that is a MUST read for anyone who is bothered by what happened on Tuesday and the resulting beef that seems to have sprung up.


I am currently getting my 38 yo freshman on so I had to print it up for my own reading.  I look forward to addressing this this after I get off of work


  1. Jonzee

    Well, as a person who has not one but two Gay Uncles, I am often aghast at the vitriol that spews forth from the mouths of black church folk–though its okay for the director of music and the liturgical dance instructors who may very well be–as long as we don’t ask we are good.

    Whether we are the scapegoats or not the math boils down to the fact that nearly 80% of the African American voters who cast ballots last week voted YES. Outside of this vote alone, last presidential election many of our largest Mega-black churches were counciling parishioners on why they should vote for the Rethugs–number one reason GAY marriage.

    Maybe the way this scapegoat thing is going down aint fair–but we definetely need to do some soul searching.

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