Still in the moment

Three hours later…I am still trying to sort through the emotions.  I have seen my share of history, and to be honest, I have seen more bad than good.

Today.  There is no doubt.  This is the greatest historical moment of my lifetime.  I am appreciative that my Grandmother, who was born before the advent of radio in a segregated Washington, DC, was able to live to see this day; a day that I never thought I would see myself; a day that I thought my young children would have the chance to bring about, appeared almost over night.

America elected a man who embodies all that is good about this nation.

I would like to take this moment to acknowledge Senator John McCain, who showed a grace in defeat that was reminiscent of all that we hold admirable in him, but has been sorely lacking in the past few years.

Senator McCain, you are a great American and I honor your service and appreciate your candor and grace in defeat.

As for your supporters, I will ignore my own impulses and exercise the grace of my President-Elect and encourage you to join us in advancing the fortunes of our great country.

There is much to do and I hope you are as anxious to engage in the process of the next step as I am.

I am emboldened by his words and I look forward to the next step in this improbably journey.

But first…allow me to enjoy my moment.



  1. Zhana

    Very gracious of you to acknowledge Senator McCain.

    I’m so glad your grandmother is alive to see this moment. Only sorry that President Obama’s grandmother did not make it to this day.

    Yes, enjoy this moment.

  2. freedom

    I’m still ecstatic.

    Like you, a lot of bloggers are saying things (about McLame) such as “what was reminiscent of all that we hold admirable about him”. I don’t get it. I have never liked anything about McLame – way before the campaigning started. Perhaps I simply missed out on that part of life. On the other hand, I tend to dismiss (as in count as a non-entity) those that I have a dislike for – namely d*mn near every one in the Republican party.

    Don’t get me wrong, though. I do vote against party lines when I feel a person of another party is worthwhile. It’s just that in my generation, generally speaking, “Republican bad, Democrat good”. Hopefully, this change that we just embraced will help to solve the problem of party-line voting. Perhaps in my lifetime, I will simply see a good or bad politician instead of a Republican or Democrat. For now, I am overwhelmingly elated that my candidate grabbed the brass ring. Peace.

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