Masochism. That has to be it

There are 20 days left.

I have made a conscious effort to stop torturing myself.  It is plain that the dominant media is completely indifferent to covering this campaign responsibly.

More to the point, The dominant media is incapable because its concept of expert is antiquated.

I could make examples, but you’ve seen them all.

I am just sick of it.

Now..go download the Obama Mixtape from Green Lantern.

(shout out to


  1. saga

    I agree. Last night’s debate was painful to watch, because I found myself just waiting to hear certain keywords, and the resultant condesending smirkiness that Blinky McSame is becoming famous for:

    the implied links to terror
    Obama’s alleged non-disclosure.

    Despite my desire to pitch my tv through the window, it managed to survive. I cannot, however, say the same thing for my relationship with network & cable news.

  2. thepoliticalassistant

    I cannot believe the incredible amount of unadulterated bullshit shoveled by the networks. I watched last night’s debate. The commentary afterwards said to me that 1. Either these folks weren’t watching the same debate or 2. They want to prolong this ish for as long as possible to get better ratings. I’ll take my news without a network agenda attached to it…thank you very much! FYI–Joe the Barber has been blown up…come visit.

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