Caution: Shiny Objects ahead.

The game is winding down.

It has been a LONG time coming, and the last 4 weeks will fly by but seem like an eternity as the mud flows down thicker and stinkier than ever from the mythical moral high ground.

We..and I do mean WE…need to stick to the game plan.

and a LARGE part of the game plan is to ensure that we EXECUTE.

The PA has a post, as does BMore’s finest, TNC, about the nitty gritty of this event.

TNC’s commenter is allllllll over it.

The Times ran a story on voter caging a few weeks ago, and few people picked it up. They also brought up problems with voter registration. There is clearly one party that is getting out the vote, and another that is working on keeping it in. And when the vote is kept in, poor people and people of color are disproportionately affected.

End of the day, we can get all caught up in the mud, or we can focus on the REAL crime being attempted.

We need to let Admiral Cranky-Pants and Winky McMoosekiller do what they do.

The mainstream media will keep up with that.

WE need to focus on what REALLY matters.


The machinations are in place, yall and it won’t just be in Florida, or in Ohio this time.

And on November 5, it will be too late to complain.   We need to get on this NOW, folk.

We need to ignore their shiny objects and focus on whats REALLY going on.

And just what, do you ask, is going on???

Tens of thousands of eligible voters in at least six swing states have been removed from the rolls or have been blocked from registering in ways that appear to violate federal law, according to a review of state records and Social Security data by The New York Times.

The actions do not seem to be coordinated by one party or the other, nor do they appear to be the result of election officials intentionally breaking rules, but are apparently the result of mistakes in the handling of the registrations and voter files as the states tried to comply with a 2002 federal law, intended to overhaul the way elections are run.

Still, because Democrats have been more aggressive at registering new voters this year, according to state election officials, any heightened screening of new applications may affect their party’s supporters disproportionately. The screening or trimming of voter registration lists in the six states — Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina — could also result in problems at the polls on Election Day: people who have been removed from the rolls are likely to show up only to be challenged by political party officials or election workers, resulting in confusion, long lines and heated tempers.

THAT is the game folk…THAT is whats REALLY going on.  Tell your folk…Get your business straight.  Have your ID…have your card…KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING…KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

We said never again…WE SAID THAT SHIT TWICE….

Well again is HERE…what are we going to do?



  1. thepoliticalassistant

    Wrote on the same topic today….its a damn shame. I have links to the board of elections for each of these states. Our vote should not be something political parties should be able to play with. This our voice. This is the voice we speak with when we want to demonstrate to the voiceless that, yes, the power is with the people. When they deny us, or but barriers in place to steal that voice, they should have hell to pay. I’m becoming the kind of American that has lost faith in the very system I fight for. They ask us to bailout Wall Street, put up with ineffective leadership, and now of all things they want to stop me from saying anything about it. To hell with that. We have had enough of this crap!

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