The not-so-soft Bigotry of white colloquialisms

I still haven’t seen more than a smattering of seconds of last night’s debate.

What little I did see in between the Absolut Mandarin and sodas and Al’s Favorite Cosmos that i was slinging around irritated the Piss out of me.

So…I can have a woman running for vice-president get all folksy on me talking about a heckuva lotta this and heckuva lotta that…


Let a sista get up there and suck her teeth and say Uh-Uh and folk want to hand her the keys to a Cadillac with one hand and an EBT card in the other?

This woman is EXACTLY what people who deplore Affirmative Action have always complained about and what people who support Affirmative Action live in constant fear of.

If the stakes weren’t so high, the irony would be delicious.

The more I watch the more I realize none of the “experts” know what the hell they are talking about…and the more expert they are, the LESS they actually know.

Fools, all of them.

This woman is not fooling a soul who doesn’t want to be fooled into thinking that she is worthy of the position she currently occupies.

She is positively cringe-worthy.


And I haven’t even SEEN the debate.


I bet Gwen Ifill was just ITCHING to belt out ONE follow up question.


Just one.


  1. thepoliticalassistant

    Dude…we have got to talk about this. If you can, give me a hollar. I posted on the debate last night….I’m not sure if there are enough english words to describe the foolishness I hear from that woman last night. Most importantly, WHERE WAS THIS BIDEN DURING THE PRIMARIES??????? He was awesome!

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