A quick word about tonight’s debate

It was a tough call, as to whether or not to switch my schedule around to catch Railroad Joey Delaware v. Alaska McMooseKiller at home in real time, but I decided against it.

Black Thursday is an institution and my fans will not accept my absence for such a reason.  Besides, that’s what DVR is for.

Nevertheless, it is important that we not confuse what WE see with what  others see, and more importantly what others are TOLD to see.

(we will now pause while Inkognegro TELLS you what you are going to see)

What you WILL see is a woman who is comfortable on stage, facing a man who is more comfortable on stage than he should be.

hot on the heels of McCain/Palin pulling out of Michigan, Tonight could be the game breaker Obama/Biden  has been looking for.  But Joey Delaware has to be patient and Do him without getting antsy and trying to end it right there on stage.

Alaska McMooseKiller is going to go at Joe Biden hard and heavy, but Joe has to resist the urge to disembowel her right on stage.

That’s right Joe, none of that Noun verb and 9/11 stuff tonight.

Take a cue from your running mate and just shank her beneath the armpit.

Let her go back to the igloo and bleed out, that way no blood on you hands.

One comment

  1. thepoliticalassistant

    NO BAKED ALASKA – Was the front page line on the NY Daily News this morning and I wondered if they watched the same debate I was watching. I thought she was train wreck, with all the folksy-talk. I thought she was vauge and basically decided she was going to answer the questions SHE wanted to answer. More importantly, I thought Joe Biden did Obama a huge service last night with his performance. I didn’t think it was close, I thought she did better than expected because people expected so little.

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