John McCain has Country First Bass Ackwards

What part of the game is this exactly?

It isn’t just that John McCain is trying this, it is HOW he did this.

As I see it, the chronology is as such.

1. Obama calls McCain seeking a joint statement of principles.

2. McCain calls Obama back and agrees to issue the statement and then suggests that perhaps the debate be postponed and campaigning be suspended.

3. McCain then goes to the media and says that he wants to press pause on the campaign.

*record skips*

Damn Homey, in 2000 you was the man homey, Da Fuck happened to you? (Jackson, Curtis, 2002)

John McCain ain’t about Country First.

John McCain is about WINNING.

This faux statesmenlike behavior is transparent.

Suspend the campaign in the name of “Country first”

Postpone the debate in an effort to “rise above politics”

*raised eyebrow*

John McCain is not fooling a soul.

ESPECIALLY not Barack Obama.

This just might be over now.



  1. thepoliticalassistant

    My name is Scribe, I’m a blogger. I run a blog called the Political Assistant on WordPress. Please visit. Please call btw. Negro, stop being inkognegro, I do enough of that for the both of us.


    Was this not the most pussified move he’s made this whole campaign?!? How erractic! How bizarre! How Republican!


  2. BiblioDiva

    When I heard that McCain was suspending his campaign, I thought, wow, his campaign is in serious trouble. How did that even make sense? Shouldn’t every organization have an Office of Common Sense that operates outside of their bubble to say, You are insane. Stop it?

    Obama’s response was great. We both have private jets…we can go to Washington and hold the debate.

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