More Change we can Believe in.

Remember all that fuss about Obama’s Father’s Day speech?

No, probably not.  It was foolishness anyway, so let’s move on.


In this article by the American Prospect, you can find a good idea of the kind of weight that Obama wants to put behind the rhetoric.


Whatever the cultural or political reasons for Obama’s high-profile Father’s Day speech, behind the rhetoric is a new way of thinking about fatherhood. Obama is advocating for a specific agenda designed to remove barriers that discourage fathers from paying child support, eliminate policies that punish married couples who are working to get off public assistance, and grant public funding to proven nonprofit organizations that help men transition into better jobs, including those re-entering society from incarceration.

I read articles like this ne and I get almost apopleptic (yes, literally) about the overall discourse that exists in ths campaign.

I don’t need 24 blog posts about how YT don’t like me and my cousin.

I NEED folk to REALLY cut through the foolishness and get into the TRUE substance of it all.

It is out there, I promise you.  Let’s get after it, people.

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